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  • kentona
  • 07/20/2009 11:27 PM

..:: Issue #6 ::..

The Redundant Department of Redundancy

With the advent of RMN3 comes many features that negates the value of the Current Events section of the RMN SNEWS. As such, this section will no longer be appearing in future issues. A belated congratulations to WIP for finishing RMN3!

Popularity And The State Of This Community

Am I cool yet?

The hot topic of the month centers around the age-old debate of the influence of popularity. Fallen-Griever picks up where the Brasington topic left off and asks the community to comment on the effect and potency of being popular and how that translates into game playing. Furthermore, the topic explores the perceived lack of game playing in the community overall, and the insular nature of it all. What are your views? Does popularity really influence your decisions to such a great degree? What can be done to break the insular mindset of the community, anyway?

If you are cool enough, post your opinion here: http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/4256/

Befuddle Quest 3: Love is a Four-Legged Word

This title is sooooo clever!

With Map Design Fun #10 we are once again presented with Befuddle Quest, the puzzle-based collaborative community game. This is the third and final installment of the project. Using RPG Maker 2003, participants will each make a single map puzzle which will then be linked into a single game. The twist in BQ3 is that YOU MAY SUBMIT MULTIPLE PUZZLES and IT WILL BE OPEN ALL SUMMER.

Check out the official gamepage: http://rpgmaker.net/games/1300/

Teleport events are not allowed.

Making 3D Games in Lite-C - Part I

3D games are within your reach. Seriously.

Eddie has graced RMN with his accessible and knowledgeable presentation of Lite-C, a lightweight free 3D development language. With lite-C you can quickly and easily program graphics or virtual reality applications - such as 2D or 3D computer games - even without previous programming knowledge. Eddie promises to port his tutorials to RMN and continue them in his free time this summer.

From Eddie:
"My purpose here is to make the creation of 3D games more accessible to people who would never dream that it is so easily within their reach. With 30 minutes of your time I am confident I can convince you that with a little work you can go on to make something really impressive in the long term. It's all to worrying when you see people wasting hours of their time trying to stretch RPG Maker 2003 that little bit further when those hours could be spent more productively - coding from scratch, without restriction."

Check out the neat shit you can do!

Read the Lite-C tutorial: http://rpgmaker.net/tutorials/166/
Official Lite-C homepage: http://www.conitec.com/english/gstudio/litec.htm
Eddie's 3D Mechgame Engine: http://rpgmaker.net/games/1283/

Demon's Gate

Are you a bad enough dude to help the Demons escape Tartarus?

Who made it?

What is it?
Demon's Gate bills itself as The Last Great Completed Rm2k3 Game. You play as a group of demon's trapped in Tartarus by plot magic fighting their way free so that they can go back to kicking puppies in the real world.

Why should you care?
Demon's Gate is an engaging dungeon crawler with dollops of humor and interesting battles. Plus, you should really play the last great Rm2k3 game.

Putting the spotlight on a oft-overlooked game

"...the balance of the battles you'll encounter borders on perfect"
- Fallen-Griever

Who made it?

What is it?
The titular hero Zero, a warrior of the Pleiades, is sent to Earth in search of an exiled demon, but he soon learns that he is only one of several pawns in a scheme much larger than Earth, the Pleiades and the galaxy.

Why should you care?
Mystery Man Zero is a traditional RPG with an intriguing storyline, great characters, solid gameplay and consistent graphical style (this is notable because this game is made by Yeaster). This game has its fans begging for more.

This installments's Play Something! Challenge

THEME: Platformer

Zero's Impossible Fortress by SDHawk
Jack by Beaker
Sluggys Adventure by Psychoskull
Lost Universe by Anaryu
B.L.O.B. by GameOverGames Productions

Play Something! was an event hosted by Feldschlatch IV that we used to hold here at RMN but have since phased out in favor of direction site features and the promotion thereof. But it still has a place in the community, and that place is here in the SNEWS.

1. You don't have to actually finish the game/demo, but of course you should get far enough as to where you can say you've actually played it.
2. You don't have to like the game/demo. You're completely entitled to think that the games you picked suck ass. And that brings me to my next point, and perhaps most important...
3. After you've played the games/demos you picked, give something back! This is the most important part of the whole thing! Not just a "Looks good", or "That was fun", give something more. Write a review (and submit it to the site even), post your opinions on the gamepages, list bugs you encountered, hell, maybe we'll even get something that I couldn't even have imagined. Surprise me.

These are some really interesting games that deserve a look and definitely a playthrough. Try to give these games a shot, and get as far as you can. Keep in mind that although these are the target games, you are in no way limited to just these games! Play whatever the hell you want! As an incentive, remember that in RMN3, each accept review gives 30 Makerscore, which directly translates into filespace in your personal locker.

The Real Brickroad

Not NotBrickroad? Not sure...
..:: Games :: Reviews :: Articles :: Tutorials ::..

After leaving in a fit of rage, Brickroad returns to grace us with his near-godly presence. That, or to torment us once again with the possibility of Kinetic Cipher being completed. Either way is good.

In his own words...

I discovered RMN when I was sent back in time to prevent WIP from destroying the world. This turned out to be impossible, so I instead teamed up with him to form a mid-90s boy band called Mohawk Slick. After releasing six hit albums and snorting what then-president Clinton described as "more cocaine than I intend to do throughout my entire second term" we retired from the world of music and now pretty much just hunt vampires full time.

I live in Florida, play tabletop roleplaying games on the weekends and have a dog named after a Final Fantasy character.

Mostly spent flipping through channels and hoping there's a House marathon on.

Macaroni & cheese

"If you're gonna cut it, cut it close."

People who complain about how unrealistic it is for the Joker to have conceivably pulled off all the crazy shit he did in The Dark Knight. Where did he get all the explosives? How did he rig an entire hospital without anyone knowing? Why are his henchmen so loyal? BECAUSE HE IS THE FUCKING JOKER. What is wrong with you people.

I made a pretty good game and have written a bunch of awesome articles, but I still consider my crowning achievement in the RM world to be the time I made Mr. Brandon Abley cry.

Recognition for a dedicated member.

Solitayre for writing 12 solid reviews (and counting) since joining RMN on July 10th.


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I have to rework the formatting a bit for RMN3, but this is functional. Plus, it's hard to format this without the use of TABLE.
The Last Great Rm2k3 Game ~ That I Will Ever Make

It also isn't that funny. I probably spent more time in the release post than I did with any of the dialogue in the game.

I also like this way of handling those Play Somethings, plus I've been itching for a platformer or two that I haven't played until I grinding my fingernails into dust (although any reviews will probably sit on my computer with that Dragoon Legends review that's somewhere lost in a mess of folders)
You're going to need to step up your efforts to turn GRS back to the old ways kentona.

Whelp, this excellent article gave me something to do for five minutes.
Hey, the download link for Sluggy's Adventure doesn't work anymore. Anyone wanna put it up on Megaupload or something similar?
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
I was gonna complain that I had already reviewed the hidden gem... and then you dropped 5 more games into this issue of the sNEWS!

Seriously, though, everyone should play MMZ. It is awesome.
I played the short demo a while back and enjoyed it, but I think I'll wait for the full game to come out to play more.

Also Brickroad how exactly did you make Brandon Abley cry?
So wait I'm confused, can I use telep-- *gunshot*

@ Healy: he made a bad game and then I showed it to a bunch of people who also thought it was bad, and then I told him about it.
ooooh, yeah, that would utterly destroy him. Personally, I find that people who up and quit because of not getting their expected public response are petty and childish.
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
Eddie, very nice intro to LiteC. :D
Since this Snews was released, the downloads of the old B.L.O.B. demo that's on RMN have increased by. Drum role please...



I'm not sure what you were expecting. With a readerbase of 12 people, and the average view-to-download ratio of 1000-to-1... well, MATH.
Sorry. Can I get another drum roll please?



Twelve thousandths!
Oh Kenton you made me blush!

The references to my work were nice too :D

On the subject of Lite-C, I will be rewriting my 2nd tutorial as it was erased by the admins of GW so it needs a bit of fixing. With permission of you admins I am going to make a game which serves as a tutorial resource centre, i.e. tech demos are accepted as game downloads so there are plenty of examples for people to work with to support the written tutorial.

If any of you would like to be my guinea pig (i.e. test my tutorials before they are published - I usually do this to see what I have left out) then please drop me a message.
Resorting to brute force methods to get the games played kentona. :D
I was just about to post that I spammed the game pages in order to bump them up list, but looks like someone already noticed.

My plan is working!
It'll work until they all fade back into obscurity tomorrow. To bad there's not a way to sticky games. =P
If only I had the gumption to learn Python and django! then I could implement WHATEVER I WANTED GWAHAHAHA!
So...did you get any new downloads yet?
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