How to edit displayed text in your editor using a hex editor

For a long time I've wanted to directly edit the RPG Maker editor. The reason was that I had renamed the player stats in the scripts but they still displayed the default names when editing weapons and armor, frequently making me wonder stuff like "which stat did I rename to Perception?" when editing an item.

And I've finally found a way to do that via a Hex Editor. I'm using HxD, but any similar program will work.

This tutorial will cover the steps to change text bits in RPG Maker Vx Ace

Editing the hex
The file we are going to be editing is RPGVXAceENU.dll, located in the root of the RPG Maker folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterbrain\RGSS3\RPGVXAce). You might need to move the file out of C: to avoid permission issues.

Make a backup of that file before moving on, as a single wrong edit could render the file unusable. Also keep in mind that you're only meant to REPLACE text. Adding or removing a single letter will also render the file unusable.

Now open RPGVXAceENU.dll in HxD:

Press Ctrl+R to open the Replace prompt. Type the text you want to replace and mark all 3 boxes. The box "Unicode String" is marked because of how this file is encoded, without this you won't find anything.

Press OK. Now the program will show you each instance of the text and prompt if you want to replace it or not.

The newly replaced text will be shown in red. Press Ctrl+S to save.

Now reopen the RPG Maker and you're done!