A list of games with downloads for March 2018.

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  • 04/04/2018 01:30 PM
Misaos (im)Possibles
March 2018

This series of articles will list the games that came out each month which are nomination worthy for the Misaos this year, as well as showcasing a few of the 'better' ones for your perusal.

Discussing games in the comment section is recommended, as it sharing gameplay videos, thoughts and review links! Let's educate ourselves to what is available this year!


A cave, mine, volcano and temple mysteriously appears out of nowhere. What is the reason for their sudden appearance. A journey to uncover the truth behind these places. But why is our hero so interested in these places. Why is he willing to put himself in so much danger?

Play as the son of a nation leader who falls victim to a heinous plot, then make your escape with the help of a friend! Rally the surrounding villages to retake the kingdom from the villain in charge, and recruit a cast of swappable characters along the way with a simple tavern based party system! Random Encounters driving you batty? King of Grayscale features avoidable combat, with battlegrounds to utilize at working up your xp instead!

Help Mogu Man eat all the Xs without getting trapped by the Δs in this nostalgic minimalist action puzzler.

The Lite version includes 16 stages, with more than 100 planned for the full version (coming soon).

Cubix It's a game made by Ofihombre. It tries of that you have to tread on all the soils of the tower and to turn them into blue (similar that Q*bert) to be able to happen from level and avoid the obstacles.

Hello. Do you like puzzle games? Yes? In THINKEN! your goal is move the pieces to the marked area. Use the full number of movements of each piece for it.
Can you solve all the levels?

The game tells the story of a prison where you play the role of a convict in his execution day. Strange events will allow you to survive but you will find yourself in a place full of horrid creatures trying to kill you. You will have to get out of the prison but not before you achieve your last goal.

The life of a young boy from a quiet, little town suddenly becomes turned on it’s head after the discovery of an mysterious alien stranded on Earth. This strange encounter will be the first of many more to come in the next five days, when the city becomes more and more crazier…

The summer is arrived and a young college student only tries to stay inside the house. Therefore, her mother ask her to go out and enjoy the youth.

VERAMONDE is in turmoil after the murder of Kaiser Granstem, and the authorities have chased the culprit to the Krisdean border, hoping to arrest him before he flees their domain. They manage to corner the fugitive, but Nastra will not be shackled without a fight. He gives it his all, but soon realises that he is outnumbered and his chances are slim...

The Linear Game is a short side-scroller adventure game featuring a being called "The Explorer" and various other critters that will guide them through their goal. Their mission is quite simple: they have to walk all the way through point B and finish the game. This is all they need to know.

After the bus they were riding on gets stuck due to a landslide, Detective Sogo Inaba; his assistant, Nina Arimura; and the rest of the passengers have no choice but to take refuge in a mansion deep inside the woods to escape the heavy rainfall. They soon find themselves cut off from the outside world and in fear for their lives as murders are committed one after another. Can Inaba apprehend the culprit and find a way out before there's no one left to save?

Princess' Quest and the Royal Secret is an RPG about Princess Arle who has become concerned about her brother Prince Elwin.He was sent on a mission by his father, King Morlund, and was expected to return in only a few days.
It has been nearly two weeks since he left. Princess Arle will go to any lengths to find her brother and will not be deterred by anything or anyone, including her father.

Something dark and twisted has entered the caverns, corrupting both termites and beetles. An infection is turning the insects into monsters. Can the faith of the antadins keep the light burning against the darkness that lurks in the hearts of insects?

This story is about the vampires which are on the brink of extinction because they ran out of prey to hunt. With this alarming situation, Lord Veirydar is transforming the last blood into Havyralchemical energy to create a portal to a world inhabited by beings called humans. Once the day comes, Lord Veirydar will send his troops of vampires on a mass hunt for new prey. However, a rebellious group called the Mykri oppose the Lord's plan. They think humans deserve to live, even if they are inferior. Princess Vanesca, the daughter of Ranphese II, the prevous ruler, has chosen to oppose and side with group. An opportunity to murder Lord Veirydar will arise but will they succeed?

Ender is a Prism Master who, outside of having the ability to control and read minds, wants nothing more than the complete submission and destruction of all the Valorik . The remaining prism masters are gathering to a place of refuge and are attempting to oppose his army and the other two races. With all of this standing in their way is there any hope for the Valorik to survive and win their war?

The rogues Light, Trad, and Vigor were having brunch with the princesses of the three lands, Forest, Ocean, and Lava. Out of nowhere, the rogues' evil doppelgangers appeared and kidnapped the princesses! Now they must traverse the worlds to save the princesses and defeat their dark counterparts.

You hear a piano in the middle of the night, but you can't find the source. Is this a dream? Or...
Above all else, remember...
You know what you did.
You're awful.
An insecure musician meets a girl with a strange name. His life is never the same.

The evil King Kentonus has gone ape. A rebellion has rebelled against him, but they're getting their asses handed to them. In a last ditch effort, they send a lone knight out to try and enlist the aid of renowned warrior priestess Libby. Only with her help may the resistance possibly win and save the realm.

After the rise of a secret organization named Providence, Jun, a mercenary, finds himself caught in the middle of a coup d'etat. To restore order, he and his best friend Ne'l must journey across the entire continent of Iris, helping citizens in need while liberating the Empire from a dark legacy.

During the first phase of our lives, when our brain is at it’s peak, when we tend to only focus on discovering new things, there are some hidden things that we can not unlock naturally, some things that maybe aren’t unknown. So we must experience and understand them subconsciously. In this game, while examining the character’s improvements, beside the common behavior, we might bump into strange things, like scary shadows, unknown items in the wardrobe, never seen passwords, pictures that we can not explain and also memories, that were stuck in the deepest pit of the brain. The best thing about it, is that it’s maybe just a dream.

The spring goddess has vanished. The valley she protected is in danger of withering away. Plant enough of the goddess's blessed flowers to wake her from her slumber and have her return again. And discover the valley’s and its inhabitants’ secrets along the way.

The Chaos Supremacists, led by the Imperious-God-Emperor, Xanaphos the Invincible, has been amassing an army the likes of which the world has never seen before. An army bred for one purpose – the total domination of the western-lands, and the destruction of all ideologies that do not conform to its ideals.

Meanwhile in the west, the Ankhanesian Empire is fractured. A civil war has gripped the nation, and the Holy Emperor, Cylus I, is in a coma due to the trauma of the assassination of his wife and five children.
Their deaths are a total mystery because no bodies have been found.

Florentine Blanc strikes gold when she gets accepted into FOIL, a private fencing group advertising a "new breed" of the sport.

The rules? Members must wager the object they care for more than any other: their Prized Possession. Florentine has seven days to prove herself. Each night pits her against one of the quirky characters clamouring to gain control of her trophy.

King Dick lived up to his name and got on the bad side of the local deity. Said Godly being of immeasurable power decided he needed to learn his lesson so gave him the blessing of a son. Problem? Son is a half-bull, half-human. King Dick, you ain't the daddy! Anywho, living up to his name, King Dick threw his new son in a labyrinth (rude!) and left him there. Enter the minotaur, who is technically a Prince if you think about it. Many, many years later his sister falls in love with some dude and dad decides to continue living up to his name by throwing the poor dude in Prince Mino's room. Prince Mino is, understandably, a tad upset and more than a little socially awkward.
Enter Theseus, hero sent to woo a princess by killing her brother. Or something.

Look, I'm not copy/pasting the whole goddamn myth here from the Wiki page like the dev did. Besides, my version's better.


This is literally just gameplay. There's no actual title, no plot, no objectives, and only one NPC who acts as a tutorial/shop. I wanted to make sure that I had all the basics down before I even touched anything else.
If you wanted to play a farming game with just farming and husbandry, well. Here you go! You can't sell animals yet though so either kill em off or deal with them.

In Aurora Magica, the protagonist, Varek, is an aspiring Relic Hunter, a crown sanctioned adventurer. A position that allows him free travel, good pay, and a little courtly sway. In return, he clears nests of monsters, helps to protect villages, and will occasionally perform courier duties. Usually, this is an enviable position within the Kingdom of Kode, but it's a job that just became a little more dangerous.

The turbuluent first century of the Fourth Era is almost at an end. A party of Bretons is striving in vain to turn the desolate military stopover of Gorrister into a legitimate city. The Gorrister miners have finally acted on their threats to organize against their incompetent lawbringers, threatening to plunge the nacent city into chaos. Into this town wanders Tallest-Reed, an old Saxhleel woman with only one ambition: to find Watermill Rock, the island of her youth, which seems to have vanished off the face of Nirn like a dream.

Just outside of Jupiter, the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) is constructing the largest space ship ever built. All mention of it seems to be erased. Julie Ryans, a disgraced reporter is sent undercover to the construction of this massive spaceship to report on the goings on of the UNSS Ouroboros and what her mission might be. Upon arrival, Julie finds the huge ship teaming with life as the crew of the Ouroboros get the ship ready to go further than any human has traveled before, but before they can complete their readiness, the main reactor starts up on its own and the crew is forced to race to their cryo-stasis pods for safety as the ship plummets into hyper-dimensional space...destination unknown.

"If you bring me 10 souls I will trade yours for theirs. Do we have a deal?"
Tristan knew better than to take this deal. It was a deal like this that had put his soul in the damning position that he was in. However, if this was his only way out, he would make yet another deal, but one has to think... How much of a soul is left after you've taken those of 10 others?

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity clings to what little it has left. Out in the Wastes there are many dangerous things, horrific science experiments, rogue killer AI, humans who see others as a free meal, and wildlife that has a bone to pick. This dangerous land has given rise to organizations dedicated to preserving the peace and getting paid for it.


Join Gunnar and Veili as they come into their own as Vanguards, and contend with the aftermath of the Icefall Incident, as well as take one step closer to the truth. But what is the truth exactly? Is it the true origins of this world? Or is it the unrevealed history of the souls who conspire to bring about change in this broken world? Unwitting souls are about to find out, for better or for worse.

Frosty is the beloved cat of the Caine family, a good luck charm against a curse. A person chosen by the curse has their mind destroyed, and body rendered useless, culminating in death after a few years. There was only one anomaly-Norisuke, great-great-great-etc-grandfather to the current generation of Caines. He believed his first cat, Sol, saved him from a terrible fate. Now that your family is showing signs of the disease and dropping like flies, you hope to pull off the same miracle that Sol did, so long ago.

When the Cruise Liner Concordia is destroyed in an accident, one of the survivors, Tayla Woodson finds herself marooned on just such a planet, Vega 2. To her surprise, it's not uninhabited. The natives are intelligent and they learn quickly to communicate with her, but humans have been here before. They're here now. They've been here for awhile. With them, they've brought the worst aspects of humanity that have plagued Earth since the dawn of time.

Being a nosey, happy-go-lucky pre-schooler, you awake on December 25th, only to find that Santa hasn't brought any presents this year. Your parents can't help you and your neighborhood doesn't seem to care much about your pressing problems, so you decide to take matters into your own hands, contact Santa and save Christmas and it's certainly most important characteristc: receive your presents!
While turning every stone and inspecting every nook and cranny, you uncover a lot more than just the reason why Santa is late to the party...

A bunch of kids set off a weird curse after starting an argument in a library one day after school. Now you're stuck in the minds of your friends. It's up to you to deal with their issues and get out.
Yeah, I just summarised this because the actual description is a giant image and not text. Sue me. - Liberty

A knight, a thief, a wizard, and a priest must collect the four magical crystals to be able to remake the legendary blade of light. They must use the sword to break the seal to the dark fortress, defeat the evil Dark Lord, and save the princess! You have heard this story before, right?

Outside of your room you meet a strange boy, who claims he is your friend, and you must find your true past by walking through all the worlds behind all of the drips.
By walking through maps, you can truly become friends with your companion, and deduce what was your past, and why you forgot everything.
You must gain all effects and make some good decisions to get the best ending.

- Liberty recommends!


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Very solid. I can see some misao possibles here.
Antadin looks and sounds really interesting to me conceptually, I look forward to checking it out.
These titles look very interesting, I might check out those puzzlers.

I'm also humbled to be a part of this batch~
Yay! I got a banana! :D

Have there always been this many releases monthly? It seems like a lot!
In the past three months:
January = 53 total
February = 33 total
March = 45 total

Keep in mind that there were some demos and full games that got minor updates that I didn't include in Feb and March lists because the lists would have the same games over and over again over minor things like patches or general fixes, so if all of them were shown it'd be a little more.
I won the RMN 2019 Stanley Cup Playoff Pool. Now I will never stop bragging about it.

Yeah, my commercial game demo is eligible for a Misaos???
Weird, for some reason my search included commercial games. I've now removed them since they aren't actually viable for Misao nominations. The new count is:
24 full games
14 demos

Which makes 38 the new total for March.
I recommend The Linear Game if anyone wants less than 10 minutes to kill. It's the only game from this list I felt compelled to download. (I know very hearty recommendation). But I guess I'd like to find more people interested in how minimalist a game can get and enter a discussion on such a thing because it is interesting.
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