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  • 02/03/2019 09:43 AM
Hello, last year some people's tried to do monthly roundups for new games on the site. Mostly so that Misao voting would be easier at the end of the year. This died at around March or something. This year we're trying again. We have a team of people who may or may not attempt it and whenever this team of people can't make it, Shinan is going to do it. (until he also gets tired of it)

Also talking about oneself in third person is always a bit weird.

So in this first month of the year some games have appeared. Let's do a quick look, first up games that are marked "Complete", because if you didn't mark it complete I'm not counting it as complete.
(Use the site's features people, oh no! passive-aggressive Shinan at it again)


Magical Disaster X by AtlasAtrium
After laying waste to an entire block in Newridge city, the two aspiring magical girl cadets Hesperos and Kosma are reassigned during their deployment to Earth to make better use of their. . . destructive habits, now sent on a rescue mission deep into enemy territory. With one determined to successfully complete the mission and the other with different plans in mind, a disaster is sure to unfold!

The game is a side-scrolling JRPG with a duration of approximately 1½ - 2 hours, featuring simple but strategic turn based combat, a colorful cast of heroes and villains alike, and the perfect combination of cute girls with incredibly vile mouths!

thesacredlobo had this to say in their review of the game:
"Magical Disaster X is a zany comedy game whose approach may push away old busy bodies who crave for dry British comedy or feel to grown up for jokes about beating their NUTTs all day, but it definitely has a place for those that are still kids at heart. As such, I'd recommend this game for people looking for some juvenile laughs as well as get a kick out of watching stupid people getting what's coming to them."

Tall Tales of Fall by Starmage
In this season of autumn, a soul adrift this time of contemplation. There are four elements and four directions, but there is only one perception. Enter the Fields of Eternity, and uncover the stories of lost cities, while perceiving through one of the four lost individuals, whose fates are intertwined, wandering to discover the unknown and remember the forgotten.

Starmage uses a lot of smileys in their blog about it finally coming out:
"Hi everyone! It is finally done!! XDD :)My RMN Seasons entry! It was honestly quite the roller coaster of ups and downs during the 1 month deadline >.< What with the holidays and stuff haha xD :D But strangely enough, I was able to finish it somehow, and I'm very grateful. ^_^ Thanks most esp. to my kindly testers who helped me with the balancing and aesthetics of the game. :D"

Crypt of the Fungal Lord by Momeka
Not sure if this count since this is technically just a patch to 1.2 on this side of the year. But since no roundup was made for December I guess I'll let it in. And the css looks sweet so there's that.

Jackal is a relic hunter for hire. His work has taken him all across the known galaxy; from frozen ruins hidden on various asteroids to the dangerous depths of vast jungle planets. The latest gig has taken him to the planet of Grimorb 9, a small backwater planet on the fringes of known space; infamous for its frequent demonic incursions.

In the Crypt of the Fungal Lord you will explore the ancient catacombs of a long forgotten civilization. Battle your way through its archaic guardians and solve its puzzles to venture deeper within and claim your price: The Scepter.
Crypt of the Fungal Lord is a short experience averaging 10 to 15 minutes, perfect for a short break.

The game has two (!) reviews already. And they're both pretty hot on it. This is what Liberty has to say:
"Though the game can get a bit frustrating with having to fight battles over and over again, overall it's a really spiffy gem and I highly recommend people give it a go! It'll take you about 10-20 minutes if you're as bad as I am at the battles."

Cap_H had similar reservations but also liked it:
"To summarize my thoughts, the game is worth playing for its narration and its exceptional work with space only. (...) I love how everything creates a tight package. One puzzle for example is about finding a hidden object on the map. This way it naturally connect the space (again) and gameplay. The same could be said about restricted space for dodging in battles. I would say that this coherence makes the game little obnoxious to play. Some puzzles are too easy, battles on the other hand frustrating. That's especially true, when you manage to die. In that case you have to repeat them all over. "

Unfamiliar Roads by PsySteve
What are you? You don't know because until moments ago, everything has been dark, cold and emotionless. You wander through the lonely wilderness trying to find meaning to anything. Do you have the will to forge ahead, or do you simply give up? The intimidating unknown awaits and somewhat calls out to you. Now is the time to make your choice...

Will you choose the right path or will you lose your way forever? Will you ever find out the true meaning of your existence?

In the comments zDS gives a brief review:
"This game is awesome folks. Play it!"

Nightmare traveler by kato-san
Nightmare traveler is a mystery and horror game where you take control of a 13-year-old boy who can travel through dreams. Your objective is to save your sister from a monster that stalks her in her nightmares. Who or what will that monster be?
Can you manage to save her without dying in the attempt?

The game also has a Spanish description though I'm not sure if the game itself is also available in Spanish.

The Founder's Quest (A Seasons 2 Game) by Arcmagik
Woodhaven, as it is called now, was founded by a retired adventurer in the distant past in the notoriously dangerous Forest of Shadows. (...)
The Founder died protecting the village against a former companion and his bandits. (...) It has become a tradition after the last harvest before the first winter snows for a group of villagers to travel to the crypt to retrieve the "Founder's Sword" to bring back to the village so that the spirit of the Founder can help guide and protect them during the winter months. (..) It has been four years since the Mayor of Woodhaven has sent young adults on the journey for their rite of passage. This is an exciting year for the village, and many people have gotten involved in their own ways to the festival as they prepare to welcome these young adults into the community. Nothing could possible go wrong...

The description was long. So I butchered it.

Victory School by SOLIDSTRIFER
Billy is a regular kid with a regular lifestyle. He loves playing video games and hanging out with his friends. That would all change on one stormy morning. As he gathers his friends on his way to school a rouge group takes over the school and proceeds to capture our "scholarly" group of students. In their desperation and will to save their school, they must become more than what they are. The must lead their school to victory.

This project was made by the students from the Johnnie Cochran, Jr., Middle School Los Angeles Conservation Corps After School Program.

KrimsonKatt is not kind in their review of the game:
"Victory school is by far, the worst RPG Maker game I have ever played. It is a broken unplayable mess with RTP plastered everywhere, a awful script, tons of typos, broken gameplay, and game breaking glitches glitches that make the game literally unplayable."

Memories of a Forgotten Home by Frogge
Scott returns home a decade after his departure after getting a phone call from her sister that their house is set to be demolished in a few days time. With Scott entering the house, he realizes something strange - he's forgotten almost all memories from his childhood. He soon runs into his childhood friends, Robert and Luna, who both seem oddly suspicious of each other. Perhaps the house was hiding more secrets than Scott expected.

A 10 minute long mystery that has you exploring the ruins of a house in order to piece together the past.

This game has a whole three reviews, which means that everyone should make 10 minute games if they want reviews. Corfaisus says "Perhaps not memorable, but certainly not forgotten.", Cap_H summarizes it with "Play it for it and the aesthetic, not for the story, which is decent, not outstanding." and Fomar0153 was the most positive with "Overall I did have fun and enjoy it so I can heartily recommend a play through. I hope you have fun!"

Bhavacakra Grace by sura_tc
Grace is a mercenary from Cizna guild. She has been dispatched to a small mining village of Darem on Alcella island to ensure security of the settlement. She oversees a first attack on the village by a group of goblins. Her being a mage and alone meant that overall outcome wasn't satisfactory.

Therefore, Darem village chieftain hires a local mercenary to help her out. While she successfully defends the village and more, a nearby Lord lays his eyes on her. Thus, her ordeal begins.

pianotm has given the game a three-star review and says:
"Totally worth it for the graphics and music. The game itself is good, fun to play, but ultimately a forgettable experience, which is a shame because this is such a pretty game, and so well made."

Milk Quest by Dollarluigi
Jeff needs to go buy some milk. What should be a simple task of going to the store and getting some milk ends up turning into a crazy adventure with all kinds of weird occurrences going on including looping areas and people he knows speaking in foreign languages. He and his new friend, Karen work together to figure out just what the heck is going on.

This isn't meant to be a very serious game so try not to take anything in it too seriously. Now are you gonna go and get that bread milk?

I noticed the star rating and then I also noticed that it had two reviews! People sure like to review terrible games. El_Waka has this to say:
"This is just ridiculous, whoever thought that walking through the same mazes over and over again is fun must be crazy. I know that this is probably one of those "troll" games and that it's supposed to be annoying, but good god, I can't stand it. There's absolutely no redeeming value because even without the mazes, the rest of the game is still boring and generic trash. Avoid it at all costs."
thesacredlobo is not more forgiving:
'"Milk Quest" is a comedy game so devoid of jokes that's about as funny as watching paint dry.'

They Cannot Hear Me by Dollarluigi
It's the middle on winter and a lonely man goes for a walk late at night. He spends the time thinking about how sad his life has become and how things will likely never change for the better for him. Will anything interesting happen on his walk or is he doomed to spend the rest of his life alone? As he walks around town he'll be reminded of events from his past. The man in the story doesn't have a name because it's not really important to the story so you can assume it to be whatever you want. Since this is a short kinetic visual novel there really isn't much else to say. There are no choices, it's just a really short story.

This game has one download and no comments on it. I almost feel sad for it.

Danger Zone Friends by alchiggins
Danger Zone Friends is an RPG about two spellcasting roommates on a grocery trip gone awry. Agnes and Lulu had set out to make a simple errand, but along the way, they find themselves taking a wrong turn into the Danger Zone! Will they be able to survive the hazards of the underground world, return to the surface, and complete their shopping trip?

This game actually looks alright and only has 13 downloads and no comments. So I'm more sad for this.

Kamikakushi by TobiObito4ever
It all started in the summer of 1948. What started as a cruel prank by her classmates quickly turned into a nightmare for 14-year-old miko in training Yasu Kaminaga. Just when all hope seems lost, she meets a strange smiling man named Shin who claims he's the god of the shrine.

However, danger lurks around every corner of the shrine. There is a reason it was left to the elements due to the numerous youkai who took up residence there... Will Yasu learn the secrets of the shrine and avoid a gruesome fate or will the truth die along with her?

This came out on the last day of January, but the comments seem excited about it so maybe there will be reviews later.


Demos are not real games so I'm just going to do a list.

So that was the January RMN game round up for easy Misao reference! I probably missed something. I also probably linked the wrong thing in some of the links. But if no one notices, it didn't happen. I also didn't do pretty pictures, which on the one hand is a shame and makes for less easy readability but on the other hand.


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