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"A History of RPG Maker and RPGMaker.Net"


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Host & Guests:
- CashmereCat: https://twitter.com/thatbennyguy
- Caz: https://twitter.com/cazwolf
- Craze: https://twitter.com/silver_bolts
- Liberty: https://twitter.com/silversatyr
- Ocean: https://twitter.com/Oceans_Dream


Your favourite game developers talk about the community this time! The history of RPG Maker and RPGMaker.net, including GamingWorld, Shmup, the site’s origins, old users that we remember and love (and some more notorious users), comparing the different runtime packages (RTPs), trying to get better at organising your code salad, getting Marie Kondo in on your code salad, using animal.mid for everything, and pizza, chip butties, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and ice cream scoops in a hot dog bun.

It’s casual, it’s cool… it’s Cola!


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I haven’t really been paying attention, or even have listened to most of your other podcasts that you have, Cashy, in the past (except for one, I think…), but as soon as I saw the, “We’ll be talking about Gaming World, Shump, and some of the more notorious members there here,” I KNEW that my name *including said game that we won’t speak of here* was going to be mentioned at some point in the podcast. And here at @45:45 – here it is, in all its glory, lol! (I also like how nobody talks about *said game* the game, just the member instead, lol. Well...Nessiah talked about it a bit, so I consider her cool in my books.)

(Also, speaking of Nessiah - man, you really have a good memory for all of these things! I don’t even remember 80% of the stuff of what happened over at Gaming World long ago and you seem to have a photographic memory like if Gaming World was still around today (…hey, wait a minute…)!

Yeah…looking back, when it came to how I promoted *said game* on Gaming World - and RMN, to a lesser extent - I think I misinterpreted my general excitement with unnecessary hype - which is really what it was. I was just overall excited that I was FINALLY going to finish something for once, especially after all of those previous years of bad luck, hard drive wipes, drama at home, that I think I talked about *said game* a lot more than I should have when I really should have just calmed down, worked hard on the project, and only picked key intervals to talk about or discuss about said game. Because too much hype, especially back then (although, to be fair, some people did care about *said game*) can kill a project before it even comes out, especially if it doesn’t happen to deliver on the goods. Although *said game* isn’t particularly a BAD GAME (in my opinion), it just was promoted as if it was the next coming of Christ (which it really wasn’t...).

But, hey, I was excited back then. And I was still a bit of a noob at the time when it came to promoting and talking about certain things, so I learned a lot about what to do and not to do in the future. I mean, everybody that has made a game before in the past, especially first-time projects, have probably hyped up their shit before like mine to a similar extent and was destined to fail too, so I don’t feel too bad now. And, in an ironic sense of fate, if I didn’t promote *said game* like madness like I did back then, most people today wouldn’t even know what *said game* even is and it would probably just be another game floating down the forgotten gaming ganges. Still, nowadays, I keep quiet until the time is right to show something off, like release something events, and such.

And, yeah, it’s sad to think about why Gaming World ultimately failed, but, in some weird way, RMN today basically represents what Gaming World SHOULD have been back then: still focusing on what made it popular and cater to its userbase at the time, which was RPG Maker, but still allowing for games made with other engines to still flourish and promote themselves on the site. So, in a weird way, RMN is basically like Gaming World is in an alternate timeline where they decided NOT to be stupid and try to become something like TigSource or GameJolt was. But, hey, at least leafo managed to somewhat get his wish when he eventually created itch.io. I remember hearing about that long ago and was like, “Huh...that's something.”

Oh, and Craze, I got banned about eight times, I believe, as I still hold the record for the most bans on this site. (Although helazz is starting to catch up on my record as of late, so…shit.)
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Haha, all points duly made, Addit! I'm not good at making long replies like yourself (although I enjoy reading them, nowadays I get exhausted writing them!) but I just want to say I totally empathise with being a way different person when you're young XD If I met young me, I'd probably be mortified... and admire their naive chaotic passion, in a way?

Either way, I admire your writing, Addit, and who you've become. You'll always be an Addit to me <3
Great episode Cash, especially that anecdote I think Nessiah shared of being scared off of Gamingw.net for seven years - I know it was back in the 2000s and Nessiah was probably really young, but holy shit dude, that is absolutely unreal, that should have never happened. Just think about all the time Nessiah could've used either learning the ins and outs of rpgmaker or just improving her art fundamentals by asking the right questions from a more accommodating internet community.

Some sections of this were hard to listen to, but parts of any history are growing pains, I guess. RMN still has it's share of problems, but be proud that you guys are at least managing a more inclusive and welcoming community for rpgmakers today. Great work! ♥

EDIT:… lol! Oh man, I completely forgot about those Sandwich and Pizza questions! Cool to finally solve an unsolved mystery on Ocean's pizza consumption ;). Banana and tomato sounds good. Ham cheese and Japanese Mayonnaise sounds great! Caz pretty much nailed it though. These answers did not disappoint. Really happy I finally got around to listening to this. :)

But yeah, thank you to everyone who appeared in this episode. Really appreciate the inside story and brief history of rpgmaker's development from Nessiah. Really sad to hear rpgmaker2003 turned out to be a mess from the very beginning. Please have Nessiah return at some point, it was really cool to finally hear this information first hand.

Thank you for doing this Cash. This was a really enjoyable episode! Great work!!
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