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Simple Instructions and Tips if you’re having difficulty installing a Game.

Hi everyone! SorceressKyrsty here. This is intended to be a simple and basic yet instructional guide for those confused as to how to get a game from this website to run. I’m going to cover the basics in the engines I use and just general things- I would ask that other members post instructions in the comments for other engines and the like.
This is for easy linking in game profiles, so no one gets confused or frustrated.
Notes: This article is geared at Windows users. I don’t own any other operating system otherwise I would cover that as well.

No.1: Extracting a file

Many developers, in order to make the file size more convenient for their downloaders, compress their files. This can cause difficulty for some users.
To extract a file, you need to have an extractor program. For Windows, WinRAR, 7Zip and WinZIP are useful programs. Many computers come with a default extracting program.
The easiest way to check is to see if the downloaded file is in a compatible format. If it is a folder with a zip, your computer supports extracting files. Either double-click or right click and select ‘Extract Here’ for ease. The files will uncompress into the same folder as the compressed files were in. You can now access the files in their original format.

No.2 Installing Fonts

This is relatively easy. Developers will either link a font download or include the files with their game. Some games come with auto-installers but don't get uptight if it doesn't, especially if the developer clarifies that you have to install a font.
Once you have the files (they are a pale blue sheet of paper icon with either a blue T or a green O on them), open My Computer/yourmaindrive:/WINDOWS/Fonts. Cut or copy all files and paste them in. Your computer will install them automatically, and you’ll be able to use the font in Word processors as well as being able to read the text displayed in the game.

RPG Maker Specific:

No.3 Installing the RTP

Some developers, in order to keep the file size down or not knowing how to include the RTP with their game leave it out. If you do not have RMXP or RMVX installed, the game will be unplayable.
The RTP can be found at Enterbrain’s website, or you can google to find it. Once you have run the Setup file and chosen to install it, you’ll be able to play all related games made with the engine.

No.4 Playing 2k3 and before Games

Most full games in the era up to and including 2k3 games include all necessary files, but some don’t. In order to play these games you will need to acquire a copy of the related engine.
Since the engines weren’t released in English and were actually translated you’ll probably find either on one of many websites.
As mentioned by Mary4D: Some games, such as Yume 2kki (which I assume is an RM2K game) require the Japanese versions (aka untranslated) in order to run. If you're having difficulty playing an 2k3 or 2k game and it won't run with the English RTP it might be a good idea to try out the Japanese as a possible solution.

This article is meant to be one that gets added to, so I ask that members help me populate this with other paragraphs on getting games from this website to work.
If I’ve missed something please point it out.

Keep in mind if files are missing or the like, post a comment or PM the developer so they know and can fix the error. We all make mistakes and a developer can’t be expected to get it perfect every time.


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Maybe you should mention that some Japanese games like Yume 2kki require the Japanese RTP to run properly.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Ahh, ok. I've never played Yume 2kki before so I didn't know it had that requirement. I'll add it as a possible need.
Another key point I think is worth mentioning: If you get a "failed to extract" error from a zip, rar, or especially the exe package that XP/VX can create, check the file size. If the download did not complete entirely, it can lead to this error.
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