An overview of the blogposts on RMN over the last week.

  • Shinan
  • 03/14/2011 08:00 PM
So a bunch of equally crazy stuff happened this week(end). Just not in the realm of But let us all hope for the postnuclear wasteland we've all been wishing for since we were teenagers. But that's not what this weekly blog roundup is about. Instead it is about blogs written on the gamepages 7.3 - 14.3.

General blogs
LockeZ tries to explain wether his game Iniquity and Vindication is a remake or a sequel.

One of RMN's most famous cases of vaporware The Colony makes a comeback. You know you secretly hoped it wasn't vaporware.

Craze reassures any doubters that the streamlining of Visions & Voices: Revision isn't going to go the way of Dragon Age 2. Of course I know nothing about Dragon Age but if it's anything like... well... that Deus Ex sequel thing...

Link_2112 ports his Legend of Zelda (version 3.01) to Sphere instead of working in the confines of RPG Maker.

Specific blogs
The current bugs for Leo and Leah are detailed so if you encountered a bug in your playthrough read through this list before submitting a bugreport.

Breath of Fire II: The Fated Child (XP) managed to squeeze in not one but two weekly updates in this week's roundup.

sbester throws around some details about the battle system for Eden Legacy IV: Return to Eden.

Blue shares some tidbits about working in GM8 and updates progress on Zombie Ate My Neighbors: Exclamation Point

Forever's End character bio.

Some Cosplay Crisis music updates combined with some art and general progress.

Another one of the crazy in-character interviews with characters from Masters of Souls. (there was one last week too, but I skipped it because of all the drama that needed attention)

Neok shares some Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis resources.

Pladough talks some design ideas to open up future versions of Project Questing.

Oh and obviously WolfCoder has been busy working on the RPG Maker 20XX Engine despite having a fever and whatnot.

Resident Evil: After History Demo 4.0
Megaman RPG
Operation Canada Demo Out

So yeah this stuff with trying to split into "general blogs" and "specific blogs" which is really just Shinan-bias where I basically say that the general blog probably contain stuff that is interesting to a wider audience while the specific blogs are mostly for people who are already fans (or people who might want to become fans some time soon). With the new BBCode updates I should probably play around with those to make this thing look a bit nicer. Maybe for next week. We'll see. Since I seem to continue working on this it'd probably be nice to have some awesome graphics for it too which I should get to. Eventually. But while we wait you'll have to do with boring blocks of text.

Just like in the 90s!

Also there's one thing I left out this week that I will put in this outro section. It's this:
It's incredible.


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Also there's one thing I left out this week that I will put in this outro section. It's this:
It's incredible.

My thanks to you and everyone else who have shown support for my work. I am extremely grateful for the kind words.

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