An overview of the blogposts on RMN over the last week.

  • Shinan
  • 04/11/2011 05:04 PM

Another week another blog update. I was actually going to play some Dawn of War or something but remembered that I have to do this! Oh no! Let's see what has happened this week then when the blogs run from the fifth of April to the eleventh of April (see what I did there? Mixing it up making you all confused).

General Blogs
In the Garden blog Rhyme shares some tips on how to do companion AI. At least I think it's companion AI. People who use RPGmaker are probably better judges.

Specific Blogs
After the cruelest of April Fools jokes (Once seen, cannot be unseen) Neok goes ahead and introduces the characters of Alter A.I.L.A. Variant.

Versalia does a bit of character intro as well for Persona:Reverse

rabitZ shares his inspirations for Legacy of the Guilds

Liberty shares her ideas for a battle system and tops it off with a question asking whether there's any good battle scripts around for this.

SorceressKyrsty wants to change the title of Blood Rose and posts some art while at it.
Another Cosplay Crisis video, showcasing something called DSRC which I have no idea what is. But I'm sure it's impressive. Or something.
Starskipping has a The Lost Girls battle system video
Jude has a piece of music from Necropolis
Lennon rises from the grave with an intro video of Neo Lescia
Kazesui with some Zero Base stage 2 screens.
Breath of Fire II-2, An End of Things sprites.
Miracle with some Sozora's Labyrinth screens and a promise of a non-tech demo release.

Final Fantasy IV-2 is a game with an unfortunate title that doesn't bode well for its future.

Matsumori Days Chapter 1 demo
Shadows of Evil: Wings of Time Deluxe is done. Twice
I Miss The Sunrise: Episode One is also done. Also twice
Speaking of twice. Fey
Megaman Tournament Re-released and Rebalanced
Breath of Fire II-2, An End of Things Opening Sequence Demo

You may have noticed the new section Media in this update. So far I've basically ignored posts that were nothing but videos or images (with a few exceptions, usually when involving gigantic amounts of said things or when they were particularily awesome) but I know that the pretties is what a lot of people are interested in so I decided to create this new "Media" category for that stuff. So that it too can be. Around. And things.
In other community news the Valedictory Game Drive is going to end soon enough so make sure you do that final sprint before the deadline. Incidentally the event ends on the same day the there are parliamentary elections over here in Finland so rock on that.
Another banana in the fire is the Badass Mapping Contest which basically means you create a sweet-looking screenshot and the one with the prettiest screenshot wins. You can do it to (in Photoshop :))

And also there was more than one new project this week. I should probably not just link to blog posts about early projects but maybe search the game page for newly added projects. But the problem is that that would mean expanding the content of this article series a bit more even!

THE HORROR. All I want to do is avoid work and here I am almost promising to do more of it...


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I once banned myself by mistake
Gem Dog for Finnish Parliment!
must be all that rtp in your diet
Rhyme's companion AI post is awesome. And I approve of Media!
The Lost Girls link is wrong, looks like it should be this.
Final Fantasy IV-2 is a game with an unfortunate title that doesn't bode well for its future.

Lol, that seven year old project was scrapped earlier today, sad day.

I will say Final Fantasy X-2 did ok though! in regard to the name, hehe
The Lost Girls link is wrong, looks like it should be this.

This series makes me want to post more blogs. :(
So... are these still going?
There was only a few blogs posted that's why there's no new issue I guess? Finals and Easter and all that.
I was really busy last week so expect a "double-issue" today or tomorrow.
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