A quick blurb on the games submitted for the VGD event

  • kentona
  • 04/28/2011 10:37 PM

Zero Base
by Kazesui
Seems it's time to deal out great justice
This game is a sidescrolling space shooter much like, say, the R-Type games from the SNES era. I do enjoy these kinds of games (even though I am quite rusty). The MAD CATS have taken over the bases of the COOL MUTTS. As RAD DOG, it is up to you to reclaim the bases and save the day! The system is responsive, though I found the ship to move a little too slowly. I died on the boss for the first level on my first try. I hit him a bunch, but I wasn't sure if I was doing any damage. I'll be trying it again, though!

by calunio
I suck at vampire games (and not in the good-vampire way!)
An old project of Calunio's (a vampire game!) that he translated and released for the Valedictory Game Drive. From what I can tell, you play as Alef, a young whippersnapper of a vampire and a prodigy of your master Johan, who sets off on a quest to find the three Originals (Dracula, Fafnir and Lilac or something). Alef teams up with his buddy Calunio, and then they promptly die at the hands of a rival vampire and you get a game over. Seriously, in the first battle you get obliterated and die within 3 rounds (Calunio was one-shotted, and Alef was confused and killed himself with one shot). I assumed it was a scripted battle, actually! Then I got a game over. I don't feel inclined to play again.

by Rhyme
'Welcome to Garden! Enjoy your stay' *is immediately attacked*
A very pretty game, though it does just kind of throw you into the game with nary an explanation! The battle system is rather confusing - at lot of stuff is happening and I don't seem to have any control or inkling a lot of the time. It might be the presentation is too cluttered, or maybe I am just too old for all this. Luckily, hammering the Enter key over and over was enough to win battles. Once I figure things out I can probably get into this game! Though I did get a script error when I tried to use a healing spell...

McMuffinstine's Task
by Felix20
I needed to cheat to beat this
This is a short and punishing platformer wherein you must stop the CATS from launching a MISSILE. You have 2 minutes. I died about 2 dozen times in those 2 minutes then lost the game. But...BZZT! SEQUENCE BREAK! You can play the game without triggering the timer. (thank god). A neat little platformer in any event (and the only game I completed from VGD, so that's something, right? Even though I cheated...).


Plane Testby catmitts
A Unity tech demo of a plane flying game. use X to accelerate, Z to deccelerate, C to fire gune, arrows to steer plane.
The Encephalon IIby Deckiller
A demo for a project that is a sequel to The Encephalon. Features party switching.
Cosplay Crisisby SorceressKyrsty
A demo for the crossover FF7/8/9+RE game. Features limit breaks.
Generica: The Next Generationby kentona
A demo for a project that is a sequel to Generica. Features a caterpillar system.
Characterby Yellow Magic
A demo of a game loosely based on the novelTransitionby Iain Banks. Features music from a variety of artists, ranging from Japanese legend Haruomi 'Harry' Hosono to the hip-hop stylings of The Pnuma Trio.

Thanks everyone who participated for being a rad dog!


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It's awesome that you took the time to play them all!

About Vampiros... you're supposed to grind at least until level 3 before leaving the castle. Welp.
It's awesome that you took the time to play them all!

About Vampiros... you're supposed to grind at least until level 3 before leaving the castle. Welp.
Where? You can grind in there?? (You mean against that old man???)
Yep! I played and beat both red and blue. I figured I was ready.
nice overview
btw, on McMuffinstine's task it's the DOGS who are trying to launch the missile
I guess the dialog wasn't very clear, i made it in like the last three minutes :P
Naw, I wasn't paying close attention, and then went by memory when I wrote the blurb about your game.
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