Games with a download added between Apr - Jun, 2011

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April 1st - June 30th, 2011

Zero Base:___MAD CATS are out to destroy the COOL MUTTS, and they are succeeding at it. They have managed to take all their bases and are hunting them down to deliever them the final blow. Their only hope now is for RAD DOG, a crazy intergalactic hero, to help them...

You control the ship of RAD DOG in the journey to eradicate the MAD CATS and to regain the lost bases.
Forever's End:___Players take control of Epoch Lander, Captain of Richard's Dragon Knights, an elite force within the Rikalian Empire. However, when Epoch begins questioning the morals behind Richard's actions, he is arrested for treason and sentenced to death. With his head full of unanswered questions, Epoch must decide whether to accept his fate or fight for what he believes to be the greater good: even if it means fighting alone.
Phantom Legacy:___Ten years ago, a gifted squire by the name of Slade extinguished the fallen God Proteus - severing the final string of the Old World Order, a celestial infrastructure whose sole purpose was to enslave the human race for sustenance to God's corrupt offspring. The world at large remained ignorant as to how close to the brink of oblivion the world teetered... Save for one royal family; who's close ties to Slade allowed them knowledge of the material sphere's true workings, and even the true intentions of the enigmatic "Shadar", an entity who strikes terror into the hearts of even the most seasoned warriors.

Mankind has endured a cursed and long existence, being the pawns of Proteus and later; sustenance to his usurper kin... But what should happen when the human race tastes the absolute power that has enslaved them for countless generations?

A MidHorror Night
Animal Crossing: Old Pals, New Friends
Ape Escape 2k3
Axari: Zuzine
Bad Santa II - RMN's 4th birthday - 4 hour contest game
Borefest 2: The Boringest
Chrono Uncanny
Cloth Destruction 2
Crystals Again
Don's Adventures 2
Endeavor: Grand Legacy
Farmville 2 - The Growing of the Giant Eggplant
Final Fantasy XIII-2k3
Final Story
Friendly Fire
Generic RPG Quest 2
Golden Age: Endless Dungeon
Gradius X: A Space Odyssey
Heiwaboke Crisis
Hold the Line!
I am ledgend
Intelligence 1.0 (Release)
Koli's Sorrow 2
Legend of Needs
Lovely Sword Episode 01
Lovely Sword Episode 02
Lovely Sword Episode 03
MageQuest 2: The Lost Voyage (Completed 100%)
Matsumori Days
McMuffinstine's task
Mega Mario Deluxe (Final Version)
One Night: Full Circle
Operation: Justice Eagle
Pangaea Chronicles
Phantom Legacy (Part 1)
Quest for the Ultimate Cake
Return to Awz
Save The Easter
Shadows of Evil: Wings of Time Deluxe
Shawshank Dead Redemption
Stones of Destiny - The Final Return
Suicide Club 3
Super Drunk Monster RPG
Super RMN Bros 2
Tales from Zilmurik III: Redeeming Legacy
The Hole
The LCPANES Terminal
The Legend of The Seven Seals: The Origin
The Righteous - A Kowloon Tale
Throne's Ascension
Trine and Tine
U.S.G. ~A New Beginning~
Under World (Land of the Dead)
Until you get There
War of Two Worlds
Zero Base

"The California Chainsaw Massacre" Part 1
A New World
Alex Unleashed - Short
Amulet of Athos: Legend of the Sarian Knights
Candy Quest
Cosplay Crisis
Dungeon Hero
Eden Legacy: The Trilogy Collection Editions
Elemental Strike
Fallen Evolution
Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy
Fire Emblem 6 - TILoRtQatQfP
Forever's End
Fragile Hearts
Generica: The Next Generation
Heartache 101 ~Sour Into Sweet~
Hero I - Ephren's journey
I Miss the Sunrise
Iniquity and Vindication
Lucid Dream - Night One:Amnesia
Mass Effect Chronicles - Alpha
Oxtongue Heroes
Pammies Advenger
Parasite Eve: Reboot
Revelation Chronicles: Edel Sky
Revenge Of Eithera Demo
Sanctum Security, Colors of War
Serpent's Pass
Stormanian Tales
Tales of Chaotica
The Best Game In The World
The Elemental Stories
The Encephalon II
The Folkland Case
The Lost Girls
The Master of Souls
The Wizard's Component
Unfolded Stories
Universe Insane

Breath of Fire: A Line Ended
Destiny's Blades
Final Fantasy IV-2


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So I picked out the 3 most obvious highlights from the past quarter, but I would like to hear other suggestions! I Miss The Sunrise looks promising, and there was Edifice and Cosplay Crisis for example.
That is quite a bit of progress!
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It's always surprising how many games actually get finished and fly under the radar. If I had time, I would play many more of them.
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Hopefully I can finish Encephalon II and Carlsev 2k3 by September 31st for Quarter 3!
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I will make into the third quarter! I SWEAR
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One of RMN's Top 10 Admins of all-time
What do you mean, "RPG Maker games approaching?"
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Need more Flash Gordon watching!
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