The Year of the Gladiator Revolt!

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  • 04/16/2012 05:37 AM
The Battledome!

Kraniak: (by InfectionFiles)
Mirror Muscles - Can learn the biological abilities of opponents by studying them in battle. Using this knowledge, can morph his biological make up to match the opponent's muscle make up; and use their physical fighting style. *Cannot copy powers*

Richtocles: (by SalOMac)
Shockwave - Can create devastating shockwaves on any surface. Shockwaves do not work on opponents bodies for some reason. Needs to be a solid surface, anything from a tree to a building.

Wolf-Master (by Pokemaniac)

Power: Can control animals of any kind.

mahashanaH (by alterego)

Power: Absorb the abilities of his fallen enemies. He must beat them to take their power.
So far he has taken:
-the fighting abilities of many warriors.
-Arkadius' Robot Tigers. (Robot Tigers that can be commanded to attack, or transform into armour.)

The Centurion (by Irili)

Power: To create shields and control shields through matter production and telepathy.

Discus Infernum (by NewBlack)

Power: Create and project discs of solid light.

Serrata, the Bone Queen (by Versalia)

Power: Can grow bone spurs, either as for weapons or armour.

The Gorgon (by Erilex)

Power: Has a petrification gaze. Can turn anyone into stone.

Dimae "The Trap" (by Liberty)

Power: Has access to a pocket dimension.

VICE (by arcan)

Power: Can dismember any part of his body.

Exodermus (by Dudesoft)

Power: Evolving epidermus.

Arkamedes (by Ark)

Power: Has a Controller Glove. Each finger has a hyper-link to a portal through which he can summon a tiger. Arkamedes has captured five amazing, dangerous and large tigers. Two are as large as Great White Sharks of Earth.

Kinesia (by Karsuman)

Power: Can constantly replenish her energy, so she never tires.

Clamseidon (by Rhyme)

Power: Super reflexes, and has can sense everything around her.

Artemis (by Nessiah)

Power: Magnet Mitts! She can manipulate magnetic forces around her.

Octavion (by Unknown) (Sorry, I can't find who it was anywhere!)

Power: Can produce long metallic whips and control them with ease.

Battle Arenas
These are the areas and planets that our Battlers had to clash in...

The battling dwindled into oblivion. People lost interest, other things got in the way, and fortune was stabbed in the throat when someone stole half the comic. After that, and the waining interest, I stopped the comic. Here is what was posted online, as well as the tournament board, and battle plans:

Kraniak vs. Richtocles

Kraniak: (by InfectionFiles)
Mirror Muscles - Can learn the biological abilities of opponents by studying them in battle. Using this knowledge, can morph his biological make up to match the opponent's muscle make up; and use their physical fighting style. *Cannot copy powers*

Richtocles: (by SalOMac)
Shockwave - Can create devastating shockwaves on any surface. Shockwaves do not work on opponents bodies for some reason. Needs to be a solid surface, anything from a tree to a building.


Richtocles enters the forest arena bearing his usual confident attitude. His footsteps send vibrations throughout the forest floor, and because of this it is a simple task for Kraniak to find him.
Kraniak is much quicker that Richtocles. Richtocles possesses superior strength, but unless he can catch Kraniak it’s useless. Kraniak knows this and uses his speed and agility to get in shooting distance, launching his needles at Richtocles who, while frustrated in his inability to counterattack, can at least block the arrows with his shield hands as he plans his offensive.
Failing his first wave of attacks, Kraniak launches a full spread of needles attacking Richtocles in all directions. He then uses his “omega burst” technique! By clapping his two palms together he is able to generate a spherical shockwave around his body of destructive powered.
Richtocles would then go on the offensive. As Kraniak uses the trees to aid in his elusive tactic, Richtocles runs into their midst, jumps high into the air and performs his “mountain breaker” technique wherein he strikes the ground with his fist sending an earthquake- like shockwave throughout the ground, decimating the forest.
As Kraniak falls from the trees, reeling from the attack, Richtocles finishes him off with his “richto- crusher”; a technique in which he clasps both hand and uses them to drive into his enemy while generating a pulverizing focused sonic wave.
When victorious, he crushes his opponent beneath his booted heel, and raises his hand, letting out a roar of victory!

Hoovering quietly below the canopy of one of the many immensely large trees in the Fruity Forest, Kraniak ponders his course of action.
"These trees, these...liabilities." He muttered to himself, noting that the massive machination who calls himself Richtocles uses devastating shock waves, but is only able to channel them through solid surfaces.
"If I can't use my ability of flight to my advantage, I'll use his strength." Kraniak paused for a moment, setting his gaze on the trunks of the trees.
"Yesss, if no trees are standing up right in the area we are fighting in, he can't use them to send the shock waves to hit me up in the air, at least without it proving to be difficult."

Yesss, once I am able to acquire his muscular form I'll knock these woods to the ground, and from there I can take back to the skies without fear of him using them as conduits for his ability.
And assuming that his strength will also make my spine storm stronger and more penetrating, I can stay high as I please and harass him without him ever touching me.

"I'll pin him to the ground like an insect!" Kraniak exclaimed, letting out a maniacal laugh as he raises his needled gauntlet and with deadly accuracy nailing a descending wangarion fruit to the tree opposite from him, its succulent juices running down the smooth bark.

Yort: There you have it! Stirring battle plans indeed! We sure have a real match on our hands, and for the first one too! What a way to ring in the new Fight Fest Tournament!
Crag: As always, each of the audience members have been given Thumb Buttons along with their remote viewing screens. They can use it to zoom in on one of the holoscreens in the arena central entertainment sphere, or navigate their own personal remote viewing bots if they are an Elite Member.
Remember folks, to cast your Thumb vote by the end of the match and send it privately to the D.U.D.E.S. databank for vote tallies.
Yort: Oh, it looks like they're about the start the opening ceremonies, so we'll see you after the battle!

Shinan's Reply

Mansac the Malevolent sat with a bowl of Galactipopcorn in the stands, beside him was a jabbering three-mouthed Slurg who just didn't seem to be able to shut up.
"So Kraniak eh, he's new." said one of the Slurg mouths.
"Yeah. Richtochles didn't impress last year though." answered a second mouth.
"Bah. You're so full of shit." countered a third mouth.
"Though who could forget Richtocles vs Drake the Not-at-all-a-Vampire?" continued the second mouth, ignoring the third mouth's jab.
"Drake the NaaaV certainly got his ass handed to him that time." the mouth sounded excited.
"I don't think Drake's genetic code was ever the same after that." a mouth said.
The third mouth frowned. "I didn't even want to be here today."
Mansac tried to eat his Galactipopcorns but those mouths just didn't seem to want to shut up. He had had a bad day at the office. Being Mansac the Malevolent wasn't all fun and games. He had been forced to chuck a couple of people out the window only a couple of hours ago. The last thing he needed was a Slurg arguing with itself.
"They say Kraniak can take any shape." It was the first mouth.
Mansac had had enough. He slapped the Slurg over the head with his fist. The creature got up on its feet.
"What was that good for?" one of the mouths asked.
"You need to shut up the fight's about to start." Mansac said, though his rear arm searched for the knife he always had strapped to his back.
"Oh, if it's a fight you want." It wasn't the same mouth that had spoken first.
"You shut up." another mouth, Mansac couldn't tell them apart. As far as he knew the Slurg could be talking out its ass.
"I just want to watch the fight. Not listen to some whiny Slurg arguing with itself." Mansac said, his grip around the knife handle tightening.
"Oh you're too good for me is that what it is?" one of the mouths said. "Fucking xenophobe."
That took Mansac finally over the edge. He drew his knife spun around and cut the throat of the Slurg there and then. All three mouths gurgled incoherently as the creature clasped at its throat. Around Mansac he could see other member of the audience turning around to see what had happened.
Then came the first clap a soft thud of two tentacles joining. Followed by another. Soon most of the other people around him were clapping at Mansac and his good deed. When the Fight Fest bell finally rang the start of the first round. Mansac the Malevolent was content.
With his bowl of Galactipopcorn and no annoying Slurg anywhere to be heard.

Dudesoft's Reply

High in the top deck, sits a quiet green-haired girl. Her idle hands tapping through survelance options, stat boards and remote consession ordering services. Beside her, a man in his mid-to-late twenties with a mohawk and bullet-proof vest thumps his console excitedly. "This is freakin' awesome! How come no one told me about this sooner?! That puddy-slug guy looks like a wimp! I could take 'im! That big badass, now that's where it's at!"
"Screw that," counters a snarky black-haired chick. "The morphy guy can fly and shoot needles."
"Flight, needles and mirror muscles? Ha! One solid shot and BOOM, baby!" exclaims the mohawked guy.
"You're such an idiot, Lock," the black-haired girl remarks.
However, he wasn't paying attention, the man was instead leaning over the topdeck ledge. "Holy s***, that dude just shanked a Slurg! I fuckin' love this place!!!"

Discus Infernum vs. The Gorgon

Discus Infernum (by NewBlack)
Power: Light Manipulation. He can create shields of hard light and throw them as a weapon. It is more deadly than a hologram, and lethal to darkness dwellers. The light in his armour can be turned off and on at will, though must be active in order to command the light discs.

"Ha. I don't rely on a rigid and easily undermined plan, I assess the possible situations in any battle and prepare a tactic in advance that will suit me as the tides of combat change.

Now, for the first round of this event I'm up against that blasted Gorgon.

Considering my opponent - The most logical battle plan would focus heavily on defense against her stare. Luckily (although only a fool relies on luck in times of war) I have my defensive shields and my headgear to help protect me and confine my gaze. I'll be able to deflect most melee attacks with my shields whilst attempting to cut off some snake heads or limbs with my discs from a shielded position. Looking at the stage for this event I conclude that I may be able to find a reflective surface to turn that wretched Gorgon's gaze against her. Or better yet! Blind her with light so her powers are temporarily (or ...permanently?) incapacitated whilst I go in for the finish. Maybe there will be some serviceable methods of distraction or attack within the Library's tomes? The haunted aspect could prove an inconvenience at worst, the ghosts most likely hate light and that will no-doubt aggravate them, but they're also most likely to perish by it should they turn hostile. Heh, I like those odds..."


The Gorgon (by Erilex)
Power: Petrification. Can turn any living thing into stone with a concentrated gaze. The gaze can be controlled and used at will, though if her own personal history preceeds her, this Gorgon favours the active use...

"The Gorgon"'s battle plan:

Ah, what an impressive physique. It would be too bad for all that shiny metal to end up as nothing but rust in a scrapyard. I shall turn him into beautiful, atemporal stone!

With my eyes opened, he cannot face me directly. He will have to fight while averting his gaze, and will thus be more likely to commit fatal mistakes. I assume he is capable of throwing those light discs of his, but it will do him no good if he can't aim them properly. Even if he uses a reflective surface to pinpoint my location without looking at me directly, his accuracy will still be severely hampered.

If he proves to be dexterous enough despite the handicap, I'll make use of the library's books, grabbing them with my prehensile snake-hair and throwing a bunch of them at him. Hopefully one of them will trigger some sort of spell that will further confuse and disorient him. Whenever I have the opportunity, I'll get close and personal. Once he is within range of my snake hair, I will entangle him, force him to look into my eyes and do what I do best...



Abandoned long ago when ghosts began taking the place over. This place is dangerous for the living to even step into. On the plus side for your battling needs, the books are all magical. Each book has a specific spell within, and opening the book will give you access to each! This occult treasure trove has been protected by the Historical Preservation Act of 4021, but we bought it and got rid of that pesky problem. So, let's destroy it in a glorious battle!

Kentona's Reply

"Is it safe to even watch this fight?" Hortons asked himself as he lowered his tall lanky form to his seat in the stands. The poor fellow behind him had his view partially obscured by Hortons bulbous head.

Hortons was a tad worried that the Gorgon would turn him to stone inadvertently as the fight progressed. He munched on this local 'corned dog on a stick' delicacy. Strange planet, this one, but the food was tasty.

He secretly hoped that the DISCUS INFERNUM would win this fight, as he found that battler much more interesting than the Gorgon, but he feared for his odds.

Soon, the lights dimmed and the public address system announced that the fight was about to commence. Hortons came to his feat, removed his vestment and used his luminescent skin to produce a glowing 'D' on his chest.

"GO DISCUS INFERNUM! BOO GORGON!" he cried wildly. He loved sports so!

Dimae vs. VICE

Dimae the 'Trap' (by Liberty)

Power: Controls a small pocket dimension where she can hide, use to teleport, store weapons, or catch a giant attack.

Dimae's Battleplan:
Wow, what a match-up!
Okay, so she'll probably focus on distractions and weaponry, hiding in the pocket dimension if he gets too close (she can only hide there for a minute or two as there's no oxygen inside and she needs to breathe. She'll probably try to net him or something to counteract his parts going all akimbo.

The lava won't really inhibit her much as she floats, but she may try to get her enemy to fall into the lava, or at least parts of him to, as a fast way of dealing with him.

Weaponry will probably include things like a gladiator net (spun titanium), trident, smoke bombs, flares, some detonation devices (flash and shrapnel grenades), diamond edge twin blades (only the two), corrosive acid paste grenade (just the one and she needs to retreat to use it effectively) as well as her own wits and strategic mind.
Armoury - maybe a shield but she doesn't carry much in the way of armour, instead relying on the PD.

This has the makings of a crazy match!

VICE (by arcan)

Power: Projectile Body Parts. The various parts of its' body are weapons. Every limb or section is a deadly force, and each can be controlled remotely from the body. If necissary, all body parts can detach. It has no legs, but does have a drill for a pelvis.

VICE's Battleplan:
Upon entering the arena VICE immediatly gets into formation. He shoots off all
his body parts and forms a perimeter around the enemy. While staying away from
the walls and the ground in order to escape the reach of Dimae his body parts circle around in an unpredictable fashion making him hard to hit. Should Dimae refuse to attack in this situation VICE can hides his parts behind walls and uses suprise attacks. When the enemy's focus shifts into one direction VICE attacks from behind by throwing sharp rocks from the ceiling. When Dimae tries to escape using her portals VICE focuses his attacks on the areas that are creating the lava in order to flood the field and limit the amount of space Dimae can teleport to. With a smaller field he is able to predict where Dimae will appear and using that he shoots one of his arms into the portal. With the help of the weapons in the dimension VICE attacks from both fronts and finishes the battle.


The Lava Zone is a cavern system found within a new world. The caverns found in this are among the few landmasses formed so far on this planet. There are no lifeforms, and the oxygen supply is thin. It is also quite hot.
There are many cliffs, platforms and ledges in the rock around the various lava pits, however all of them are unstable. It is possible both fighters will die.
As always, your clone DNA will be extracted moments before your boiling doom, and stored in the Pit databanks for future battling.

Irili's Reply
The Centurion sits quietly, watching her opponents from the stands, with a notebook in hand. A shield is floating above her head to keep the voluminous amounts of popcorn from getting in her hair.
Next to her is a loud, obnoxious youth, his green locks flying as he jumps excitedly.
"Vice for the win!", he shouts, "WoOOOO!"
"I believe Dimae will be the victor..." she quietly says.
The youth beside her turns to her and proclaims his undying loyalty to Vice, that he'll never lose.
"An old hag like yourself just wouldn't understand though!" he shouts. He throws popcorn at her to emphasize his point. The greasiness of the snack causes it to stick firmly to her hair.
One twitch of an eyebrow later...
"An extra seat in the third row is now open for spectators!" is heard over the announcement.

Wolf-Master vs. mahashanaH

Wolf-Master (by Pokemaniac)

Power: Can control animals of any kind.

Wolf-Master's Battleplan:
Run away!!!

mahashanaH (by alterego)

Power: Absorb the abilities of his fallen enemies. He must beat them to take their power.
So far he has taken:
-the fighting abilities of many warriors.
-Arkadius' Robot Tigers. (Robot Tigers that can be commanded to attack, or transform into armour.)

mahashanaH's Battleplan:

-During my journey through the universe I've devoured the essences of countless warriors, and while most of them didn't have a special skill or power that I could add to my 'repertoire' I can still evoke their strengths as I see fit during battle.

-This is a technique I stole (along with this getup) from an old fool who once dared to starve me to death, but only forced me to find new ways to sustain myself, if you know what I mean. It may look like a single attack, but it's actually hundreds of them in rapid succession... And it works specially well with a fork!

-These are a couple of cybernetic tigers that their owner left to my care when he sadly passed away. They're unstoppable killing machines and can also be worn as armors. They're a perfect combination between offense and defense!

-In case I didn't make it clear before, I can 'devour' the power or skills of my adversaries once they are weak enough or are too coward to fight. Just like I showed that Wolf-Master fella who tried to run away from me. Thanks to him now I can control all animals, both wild and tame. I prefer the wild ones, though.

As you can see I'm a very well rounded warrior with an ace under my sleeve for just any kind of situation. And my power grows considerably after every victory! So beg for your life and I may consider you too pathetic to even devour your soul. Stand against me and be ready to deal with the consequences!


We've disabled the guidance systems on this spaceship. It's headed directly for the star Shaula. You cannot change direction---but there is an escape pod fit for one. You'll have to battle each other for the use of the escape pod; or die trying. Be careful, the haul of this vessel is thin and not likely to sustain much damage before opening to the vaccuum of space.

The Centurion vs. Octavion
Only Irili sent me a battleplan. Centurion wins be default.

No other votes or battleplans were sent in. The rest of the voting was finished by The Yellow Jester (an irl friend) and myself. We tried to judge based solely on power compatibility, so some of the outcomes were slightly unfare. Here are the results:

The Battledome Comic









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