A group of explorers for hire.

  • Dudesoft
  • 04/16/2012 05:40 AM
The Explorers!

Following the world ideas found in the first Let's Draw "Space Ninja", the universe is vast and advanced. The sun is so hot now, that humans have had to leave Earth, settling colonies along the moons of Saturn, Uranus and a few near Jupiter. There are some scrappers on Earth, who live in the planet core, but otherwise the race ventured out. Some such leave the Milky Way to find new civilizations, planets, or treasure! These people belong to the Explorer's Guild.

-Blake Seam-

An alien bounty hunter who is both greedy and cunning. He used to work freelance as a bounty hunter, and is known to take up the odd hit if the Exploring jobs are dry. He is something of a leader among the Explorers.
A loveable rogue, he will steal from the rich and get richer. But he will not step on a cat, or steal from the poor.


A flower creature with a bad attitude and lots of style. She was freed from a slave farm in the Perseus Solar System. After escaping, and needing work, she found the Explorer's Guild. It is her home now, and the members are her family.
She is often at odds with the -Bounty Hunter- for leadership of the group. Though the odd time she comes into leadership, she wonders what the -Bounty Hunter- would do.


A brand new humanoid android who is innocent and curious. It serves as the heart of the group. Because it understands little about the world around it, the little android uses basic logic to keep the team working together. It was originally a child's toy, though through the tinkering of -Mechanic-, this little android is a capable part of the team.


An obese dog-man who is very drunk and sloppy. When no one else in the universe would hire this slob, the Explorer's Guild gave him a chance. He has a keen nose when he's sober, but unfortunately he usually is too drunk to act responsibly. Often the comic relief of the group, as most members except -New Android- and -Mechanic- find his drunken high jinks bothersom or worrying.


A brave cactus alien, who is penniless and depressed. One of -Bounty Hunter-s old buddies, joined the Explorer's Guild for something to do. Despite his size, -Brave Cactus- is incredibly strong. So strong, in fact, that he has to be careful just what he does, for fear of hurting someone. It is unknown at the moment why he has a badge.

-Inspector Gatteau-

A detective cat-person, both egotistical and stupid. Before joining the Explorer's Guild, -Dumb Cat- had his own private eye establishment, but for some reason, he seldom had customers. He is the resident, self-proclaimed, smart guy of the team. Raised from a man-kitten in an aristo-cat-ic house.


An introverted mechanic who is secretly a hero by night. He is mysterious, and friendly. This man is quiet and no one really knows him that well. He spends the days fixing vehicles, spaceships, and the Explorer's Guild equipment and computer systems. When there's a mission to be had, he will probably be nearby watching, waiting to give his advice when the team is stumped. Otherwise, he keeps entirely to himself.

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