A look back at some classic Rpg Maker games.

  • Tau
  • 05/24/2012 07:14 AM

What is Looking Back? A series of articles talking about those classic Rpg Maker games from the past.

Created by: Christophomicus.
Made With: Rpg Maker 2003
Download: Here

One year has passed since Suzaku, warlord of the Kalashi alien race, was bested in combat by Vernandos Luce and his team of three. Since the death of the evil being, the galaxy has returned to peace, and life to a vague form of normality. The Tandrum Generators, the structures responsible for launching the mineral Tandrum - the Kalashi's only weakness - into space are still operational, pumping Tandrum into the farthest reaches of the galaxy. For the first time in over a decade, the galaxy is truly at peace.

However, beneath this facade is a villainous plot. The Tandrum Generators, for all their worth, have proven disadvantageous to humans; people are becoming infected with Tandrum themselves, and suffering disastrous side effects ranging from lucid, controllable dreams to fatalities. No one is sure where to turn, and to make matters worse, the Kalashi are once again on the rise, seemingly now unaffected by the Tandrum. All that stands in their way is a single young man, infected with Tandrum, suffering from these very dreams, and five powerful structures built
thousands of years ago; altars designed with the intent of empowering the Kalashi Admiral to once again revive the alien race.

Best of all, Tarin Overshore, our protagonist, has absolutely no idea of the journey that awaits him.

Background Knowledge

* The Kalashi are an evil alien race hell bent on obliterating the human race.
* The Tandrum Generators were the main focal point of the first game; the Kalashi are extremely weak against Tandrum, and the Generators pumped huge quantities into space so that they'd get fucked up. The "objective" in the first game was to activate them all, and if you finished it, you did.

Tarin is your general RPG protagonist; one dash cocky, a pinch of irritation, and four tablespoons young and adventurous. He lives in the Zivago Slums with his mother, Rachel, having known no other way of life since he was born; his father passed away one year again, but Tarin never knew him, having been taken away from his father and his way of life at a young age for his own safety. Tarin is infected with Tandrum, and for the last year has been suffering from strange, prophetic dreams of the future that always seem to come true. What will happen, then, when one morning he wakes up and foresees his own death?

That my friends is an overview of the game you will surely download due to screenshots ;)

I actually really liked this game. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was the amount of polish and effort that was placed into each area, npc, piece of dialogue that comes through out the game. Hell maybe it was the fact that I was actually friends with the creator for a while. Whatever it was, this game has something about it that just drew you in. Honestly, it is probably one of the few games that has actually managed to make me laugh.

Vernandos Luce one of the main characters has got to be one of the more interesting characters to grace any rpg maker game. Gens 2 was and still is a great adventure through multiple planets and the shear scope of what Chris achieved with the game is still admired by me and probably a few others to this day. An overlooked gem and I was very saddened by it's cancellation.

The nations of Aggreiok and Nagaryu have been fighting for ages. While Aggreiok has always led battle with swords and military waves, Nagaryu employees have been studying the art of war the entire time.

Led by one √Član Geoffrey, the study led to nuclear bombs, a weapon that could finally end the feud and destroy Aggreiok. When Dr. √Član introduced the nuclear bomb to President Nagaryu, the President thought of how horrible that would be. He didn't want to hurt the people of Aggreiok, just their leaders. Jenison, the president's son and an overall selfish person, pleaded with his father to use the nukes. But the President wouldn't have it no matter how much Jenison argued and begged. Three days the fights continued, until President Nagaryu came down with the horrible Ki Clotts disease.

Another two days passed and he was dead.



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Is it possible to leave the very first room in Gens 1?
Is it possible to not have Abstract Paroxysm crash in the first area?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Oh man, I forgot all about this game!
Yes! Man this game epitomizes the height of the GW era of RPGmaking, or say some of the spin off sites me and Tau used to visit like Cedar Wood or Epiphany Gaming.

Even Christo's older games were basically a vehicle for me to get more serious as a competent game designer/rpg maker user. It was admirable too that he had finished the 1st one and then made a sequel in a community where a finished game is a rare commodity.

Though Christo will deny it, it certainly stands as a competent work and deserves recognition. Would love to see a let's play of it and have flashbacks to '05.

it reminded me of king of games or w/e producing these reall y abstract screenshots
Can't stop won't stop.
RMN sex symbol
The Genesis Project, Though it only really provides background knowledge for this Gens 2. Plus Chris is kinda ashamed of the original, just a little haha.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Where can i download the previous game?
RMN sex symbol
Oh shit I forgot to put my paragraph in haha. Will fix that. Apart from the honorable mentions I usually do post my experience with these articles.

Edit - Done, man I was sure I had put it in.
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
do you have any insight about gens? like, i really enjoy these look back "articles" i guess because they stand out and get 1 to 0 posts, much like any blog/article on the site, but, yeah it would be kind of cool to like, explain your own personal experience with the game

idk dude, it is very robotic like, "x game is about a soldier being a bad heh" instead of like "yeah i remember x game, my impressions, inspirations, etc"

it's cool what you do but, just might be more interesting to read because like, the thing about rm writers is 99% the overview story blarbs are all bad.
<@Raquel_Applegate> yeah dude, like i remember gens was pretty buzzed for absolutely no reason. like the game was just fun. i think the dude was named christo-something and he was this white guy with just, this cave man frow.
<@Raquel_Applegate> idk it was one of the few sci fi games that felt like it was a sci fi experience, like it's kind of hard to do certain things like, it reminded me of king of games or w/e producing these reall y abstract screenshots. it had a great fan following. i got to admit was a p big fan myself. b est use of l saber eva.

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