The RMN Fall Podcast! Part 1 of 4.

  • Decky
  • 11/13/2012 04:26 PM

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Your hosts:

With very special guest:

And music samples from:
Foreigner - Cold as Ice
Star Trek: The Next Generation Theme
Within Temptation - Ice Queen
(This is a non-commercial podcast: the clips are (1) under 35 seconds long, and (2) are used in a non-performance setting to augment an educational podcast on the goings-on of our site. Use of the music is unlikely to hinder the value of the works on the market, as the songs: (1) cannot be replicated via this podcast, (2) are years old and/or used in games whose appeal is not the short clips themselves, and (3) the two "classic" songs are more than 10 years old and are both radio and cultural staples. If this still violates fair use, I will gladly remove the clips upon notification.)

Total Length: 30:09

00:00 - 2:12: Pengui! by Mateui
2:12 - 5:26: Ill Will by LouisCyphre
5:26 - 12:12: NaGaDeMo Review Drive
12:12 - 19:53: Befuddle Quest: The Next Generation
19:53 - 30:09: Interview with Mateui


Download link:




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I notice you edited out that little slip-up~ XD

Yes, someone caught you out. >:D
I'm a dog pirate
I edited slip-ups from all three of us actually. You're welcome :)
I meant on the page, Decky~ A certain name that was wrong?~ ^.^
RMN sex symbol
I've always been curious about these, you're not talking about me behind my back are you :D

But I don't know I just don't listen to podcasts, well I've listened to Joe Rogans one a couple of times. Guess I'll check it out, or should I check out the last one first?
Guardian of the Description Thread
Settlers of Kentan is pretty awesome.

Aside: "Part 1 of 4", eh?
Finally! Good podcast guys, you asked some good questions. I don't know exactly know how to explain myself but you all seem to be getting a better "presence".

The only complaint I have was that I really couldn't work out what Nessiah was saying during Mateui's interview, but she was crystal clear in the discussions before that.
author=Little Wing Guy
The only complaint I have was that I really couldn't work out what Nessiah was saying during Mateui's interview, but she was crystal clear in the discussions before that.

It was an old interview with a crappy microphone before ;_;
It will never happen again in the future ;-;
Guardian of the Description Thread
Additional comment about the NaGaDeMo Review Drive: I managed to eek out five reviews for that event myself. Six, if you count the one I did for Touhou Fantasy, which was done at about the same time. However, I could sense that I wasn't quite "with it" during my later reviews. I'm not sure how Caz, Muninn, and Seeric did it, but they more than deserve the recognition.

Awesome! I will have to give this a listen when I get home today.
yeah, I was gonna mention the quality of a certain persons mic... the balance overall was off. some people were louder than others and the quality varied. made for some hard listening(as opposed to easy listening :P)

you should come up with recurring segments. like where you ask someone 10 game dev questions, or play games(like guess that sound effect, not play an RPG on air), or do jokes, or something fun like that.
It's Kenton A., dammit!
It's Kenton A., dammit!

that's how I feel when someone says "two one one two"
We knew you'd say that~ ^.^

One of the only things we keep from podcast to podcast is the Interview at the end. This is mainly because we tend to focus on things going on in the site and have to break some segments up if they get too long (which you'll see in the next few parts).

That said, it's a lot of fun doing these (even if they do keep us awake all night) and if people have ideas about things to include, don't be shy~

(I'll also try to get a better microphone at one point. It is a bit loud for some reason. >.<; )
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed BFQTNG so much.
If I may make a suggestion, I enjoy when you guys talk about the current going-ons forum-wise. Perhaps you could do it longer?

Regardless, this made for great listening while writing.
Oh, there's more coming on that Gourd. Don't worry~
It's Kenton A., dammit!

But Kentona Fried Chicken ;w;
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Made for nice listening on the way to University. Cheers for this, guys!

And Nessy, you might need a new microphone. ;p
yay 8D They live
Haven't had one in awhile.
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