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Useful Resources (With Credits)
Here is a list of resources that are useful for RPG Maker.
11/27/2023 06:07 PM
How to Commission Artwork
Commission Artwork like a Pro
06/19/2022 04:39 AM
Excellence in Narrative - Pacing
The key difference between good, emotional writing and stiff, stagnant dialogue.
04/21/2022 04:42 AM
Postmortem!? Horrors, sequels and keeping it up ft. moca
(~15 min read)
03/30/2022 01:31 PM
Jump into Javascript part 14
In which we demystify parties and troops.
02/25/2022 06:18 PM
Visual Novel Maker - Final Review
My final thoughts on Visual Novel Maker
01/31/2022 12:14 PM
Show, Don't Tell
The many ways you can tell the story without overly relying on traditional cutscenes.
08/02/2021 10:02 AM
B-14 deconstructed
An event game postmortem
06/25/2021 11:13 PM
Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 24: The final episode
In which we complete a journey started 8 years ago, and say our fond farewells.
06/25/2021 04:56 PM
Jump into Javascript part 13
In which we end on an absolute unit.
06/16/2021 10:59 PM
Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 23: Swords and Shields and Helmets, oh my!
In which we get to grips with our equipment (that's what she said)
06/16/2021 12:12 AM
Current Site Staff
A list of the current site staff.
06/13/2021 06:31 AM
Jump into Javascript part 12
In which actors take up more room than you'd think.
06/12/2021 09:21 AM
Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 22: Scene it before
In which the puns become unbearable.
06/10/2021 04:09 AM
Jump into Javascript part 11
In which we break down battlers.
06/02/2021 12:06 AM
Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 21: Making a Scene Again
In which we start our breakdown of the scene classes.
06/02/2021 12:05 AM
Bullet hell with an RPG engine – Mission Impossible?
(~9 min read)
04/17/2021 10:41 AM
Rpg Horror and storytelling - Three alternalive way to tell a story
Three interesting structures for distributing information, alternative to a linear narration
03/25/2021 04:02 PM
Damage Number Philosophy
I talk about damage number pop ups in RPGs (GIF HEAVY)
03/20/2021 05:55 PM
Window Skins Dissected
A more detailed look at RPG Maker's window skins
03/15/2021 03:46 AM

Article Categories

This section is a catch-all for anything that doesn't fit in the above categories. It may or may not be related to game making or RMN. It could have stories about pirates.
Artist Workshop
The articles in the artist workshop are geared towards making original sprites and tilesets for your game, which can help it stand out.
Game Design and Theory
This section is where all the amateur thinktanks write article regarding gameplay, with topics covering balance, dungeon design, battle systems, etc.
Programming and Mathematics
Need to do some heavy-duty coding or math work? This is the place.
Broadcast your opinions over the Internet for all to hear!
Writer's Block
The storytelling category is for articles about creating well-rounded heroes, villains, background stories and even worlds!