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A deluge of letters
How you can fill up a game description without resorting to lists!
01/23/2016 07:43 AM
Keeping up with the Bosses #3: Dr. Herregods
How NOT to do gimmicks
01/21/2016 10:10 PM
Best of Blogs #015
Showcasing the best blogs from 1st - 15th January, 2016
01/15/2016 01:37 PM
Finally we're back!
01/14/2016 04:31 PM
Best of Blogs #014
Showcasing the best blogs from 15th - 31st December, 2015
01/02/2016 03:47 AM
H.A.C.T. (Horror Antagonist Creation Tips)
It's HACK but with a T on it. Plus, it's been published days before Christmas arrived!
12/23/2015 06:35 AM
Best of Blogs #013
Showcasing the best blogs from 1st - 15th December, 2015
12/16/2015 02:24 AM
Galactic Super Police
RMNverse just got a little bit of justice!
12/15/2015 10:58 AM
Best of Blogs #012
Showcasing the best blogs from 16th - 30th November, 2015
12/02/2015 04:32 AM
Keeping up with the Bosses #2: King Bowser
It was obvious he'd show up eventually
11/30/2015 08:53 AM
How to World Build
and map-mak at the same time.
11/25/2015 10:11 AM
Keeping up with the Bosses #1: Toriel
Yo momma's so fat, she's the first boss
11/23/2015 11:19 AM
First Project
What to make as a beginner
11/19/2015 09:43 AM
Hero vs. Villain
"Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!"
11/18/2015 10:06 AM
An Evil Piece of Information
What is one of the main things in the game? Story. Who drives the story? Villains of course! An article about guys we love to hate!
11/16/2015 12:07 AM
Best of Blogs #011
Showcasing the best blogs from 1st - 15th November, 2015
11/15/2015 11:29 PM
Community Spotlight Interview: PentagonBuddy and emmych
A brief interview with PentagonBuddy and emmych, creators of Free Spirits
11/08/2015 06:06 AM
Community Spotlight Interview: Razelle
A brief interview with Razelle, creator of Grist of Flies
11/08/2015 05:42 AM
Pixel Faceset/Talksprite Tutorial
A brief overview of my process and some tips.
11/05/2015 09:46 PM
Frontview or Sideview?
Which is best for your game?
11/05/2015 12:17 AM

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