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On First Projects
Advice for newbies on why a simple first project is often the best choice.
04/16/2011 06:34 AM
Theater and illusion in games
The importance of theme and weaving illusions as a designer.
04/03/2011 07:12 PM
Experience beyond the story
Exploring the true storytelling power of games as a medium.
12/28/2010 08:29 PM
Creating Immersive Worlds, Interesting Characters & Non Linear Plots
A look on how to create content with depth (Characters, Story, World)
12/24/2010 05:26 PM
Using Status Effects Well
Got told your status effects currently suck by a player or reviewer? Not sure how to add them in? Got told you should have status effects? Try this advice.
09/15/2010 07:07 PM
It's a Matter of Choice
What does it really mean to make a decision in a game?
09/10/2010 12:13 PM
Five Strategies for Better Game-Making
Easy things I think everyone could do to make their games better.
09/10/2010 02:16 AM
A series of articles about a few things that can add a little more depth to RPGs
07/30/2010 04:02 PM
A series of articles about a few things that can add a little more depth to RPGs.
07/22/2010 01:59 AM
Proper Enemy Design II of V
Roles of the Enemy
06/23/2010 02:11 AM
Zelda 2: The Perfect RPG Template
Reasons why the side scrolling adventure Zelda 2 would be the perfect traditional RPG
06/15/2010 02:13 AM
Proper Enemy Design I
Role of the Enemy
05/08/2010 11:08 PM
Applying Auteur Theory to Amateur Games (Part I)
An analysis of some amateur game creators using a theory native to film criticism.
03/26/2010 03:22 AM
What Kurt Vonnegut Can Tell You About Game Design
Advice from a dead science fiction author and how it relates to game design
03/04/2010 01:57 AM
Creating an Engaging Action Battle System
Thoughts on making an engaging Action Battle System.
02/12/2010 08:01 AM
What Drives Your Villains?
Yes, this again =P
01/07/2010 05:46 PM
On Interactive Epics
an introduction to my opinion of a good game
01/03/2010 12:24 AM
Character Interaction Approach
How to let your characters make an awesome story for you.
10/12/2009 06:44 AM
The Body, Mind, and Soul of Gamemaking
How the simple habit of taking care of yourself can lead to better gamemaking all around.
08/30/2009 12:20 AM
A Look at the Crazemind: Keywords
Simplify your design process by establishing what you have
08/25/2009 03:43 AM

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