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Focus and Intent
Using simple meditation techniques to cut down on brain-chatter and to keep your project fresh and exciting.
08/28/2013 07:37 PM
Conveying Thinking Without those Unsightly Ellipses
Dialogue can get really cluttered with dots all over the place.
08/28/2013 11:31 AM
Overcoming Creative Blocks In Game Making
A list of tactics to overcome a creative block.
05/31/2013 09:15 AM
Review Criteria and Guidelines
Unsure of what to do with your review? Read on!
03/14/2013 08:23 AM
In which we discuss how to build a suitable world for a fantasy or science fiction game.
02/02/2013 03:18 AM
RMNverse Radio Drama
Detective Gumshoe finds himself ensnared by an unsolved murder mystery on Space Station 7.
01/07/2013 06:20 AM
Writing Tip: How Smutty should you make Your Game?
When used cleverly, smut can be an amazing tool to enhance a story. However, when used badly, or worse; as an afterthought, --"Oh hey, let's add some smut scenes!"-- smut can utterly ruin an otherwise entertaining game.
08/15/2012 06:28 PM
The Secret Diary of Dale Chipper
A mini-series about a private detective in the RMNverse.
04/16/2012 05:49 AM
Immersion And You: The Do's And Don'ts
An article on the concept of immersion and how to successfully implement it into a game.
04/04/2012 07:24 AM
Let's Write! The Scene and Spices!
Another tutorial on writing!
03/30/2012 09:15 AM
Let's Write! 5 Types of Stories!
An ongoing tutorial on writing for comic books and other media.
03/15/2012 05:02 PM
Writing HORROR - Part 2
Okay, now that you have a Monster, what’s next? A Place for terrible deeds to happen, some Terrible Deeds, a Hero, and a Story.
03/14/2012 10:27 PM
Writing HORROR - Part 1
When writing a Horror story, one must begin with a Monster. The most terrifying of course, are the ones you don’t notice, or refuse to notice. The ones right next to you.
03/14/2012 09:55 PM
Structure of the GOTHIC Tale
What is the difference between a Gothic tale and a Horror story? Intent. Seriously.
03/13/2012 11:26 AM
All successful (read: popular) stories have patterns. Sometimes it's simple, sometimes it's complex, but all of the stories read or told often enough to remain in the popular mind of any culture have a pattern, a plot.
03/13/2012 11:13 AM
What makes a good dialogue? Part 3
A discussion back then~
08/07/2011 04:19 PM
What makes a good dialogue? Part 2
A discussion back then~
08/07/2011 04:14 PM
What makes a good dialogue? Part 1
A discussion back then~
08/07/2011 04:06 PM
"Hello there!" The Dialect of a Town NPC
Stop making bad NPCs, the guide.
08/05/2011 04:42 AM
Enter the Arena!: So you want to be the hero? Round 1
A look into Character Stereotypes from a comical view from beyond
03/06/2011 12:37 AM

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