Why do we need your support?

For the past few years, RMN has been fortunate to have a fairly powerful server provided free of charge.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the company who provided that server can no longer offer the service to RMN. And Geocities isn't a viable option.

This means we had to secure new hosting and running a site as resource-intensive as RMN is a bit more expensive than a $5/mo GoDaddy hosting account.

Benefits of donating

Besides the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the continued existence of this fine website, you will also receive a Donator status, ad-free browsing on RMN, extra lockerspace, and the RMN Community Chest achievement (worth 1000 makerscore). But to get these you have to PM kentona after the transaction goes through, so that he knows to apply the benefits to your RMN account.