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Adventure Game Studio allows you to create your own point-and-click adventure games, similar to the early 90's Sierra and Lucasarts adventures. It consists of an easy-to-use editor to create your games, and a run-time engine to play them.

The game interface is fully customizable, with classic Sierra and Verb Coin templates provided by default. AGS manages most of the game so that you don't have to - it does all the donkey work like load/save game functions, pathfinding and scrolling rooms so that you can concentrate on the parts of your game that make it unique.

Set up your rooms, characters and sprites visually in the editor, then add some script to handle game events and you're done! You can even create a standalone EXE file containing your entire game, which you can then distribute to your adoring fans worldwide.

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This is cool how everyone can express their dream of making games through this program!
I dont know what this means by BODY?
.exe won't work on my mac

You need the mac version then.Otherwise use a program like WineBottler to open it.
how do i make a game?
i can't figure it out.
i've seen this website and i want to make a new game.
Is it thoroughly verified and free of viruses, worms, etc.?
We don't host the download, we just link to AGS' official website's download. I've never heard of AGS being infected from its site (only download it from there) and it's a well vetted tool at this point. It's cool.
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