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Blitz3D is an easy-to-use, yet powerful and flexible programming language designed for the sole purpose of writing slick, playable videogames! Whether you want to create action packed 3D games, 2D puzzlers, adventures, RPGS, whatever...Blitz3D can do it! Blitz3D is based on the popular BASIC programming language. BASIC is well known for being both easy to learn and to use, making Blitz ideal for beginners and more experienced programmers alike.

Blitz3D was released for Microsoft Windows in September 2001, competing with other similar PC game-development languages of the time. Blitz3D was an upgrade over the earlier 2D engine BlitzBasic, which extended its command-set with the inclusion of an API for a DirectX 7-based 3D engine.

Those interested in Blitz3D should also compare BlitzMax, a later engine by the same developer. BlitzMax is a more complex but more powerful version of Blitz3D, which supports object-oriented programming languages, an updated graphics API to better suit OpenGL, Unicode characters, and exporting to OSX and Linux instead of only Windows.

The now-defunct website of engine developer Blitz Research was originally at but has since shut down. The source code for the engines is available at GitHub, and a pre-compiled version of Blitz3D for Windows has been provided for your convenience as the download link to the right.

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You should note that although BlitzMax is a later more powerful language it has no 3D engine so Blitz3D does have that advantage over it
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