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Construct 2 is a new drag and drop game maker that currently exports to HTML5. There is a free version, a standard edition and a business edition.

Currently Construct 2 exports to HTML5 only, but more exporters are planned in the future. HTML5 games can be played on a wide variety of devices which is why they opted to go for HTML5.

Construct 2 also comes with free music, sprites and sound effects. The paid editions come with more resources but the free edition has some as well.

Construct 2 is the follow up program to Construct Classic, the open source game maker which to date has had around 500,000 downloads. Like Construct Classic Scirra has stuck to it's idea of 'No programming required' by using an event based system.

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Make HTML5 games with Construct 2

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  • 09/09/2011 10:18 PM

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Construct 3 has been released for awhile, has gotten better and would call it pretty viable for a-rpgs and you can create javascript plugins if you have the urge to program (javascript).

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