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Over 250,000 users monthly create games in Construct 3. Cutting-edge technology that runs right inside your browser like magic.

Build games rapidly - No programming required

We've meticulously designed Construct 3 to make building the rules for your games effortless. You don't need to wrestle with Construct - it just works.

Javascript Programming Optional

Combine blocks with JavaScript. It couldn’t be easier to write your first line of code.

You can even add script files, and start writing more of your game in code. Then try writing an entire game in JavaScript alone! Construct lets you have it both ways: beginner-friendly blocks, all the way up to a full coding editor.

Jump in now and learn Javascript with Construct 3 in our tutorial course for beginners.

Power and Speed

Under the hood is an incredibly powerful and versatile engine with outstanding performance. It’s perfectly capable of running vast and intensive games smoothly and efficiently. And it can be extended further with a wide range of third-party addons.

Publish to all major platforms

Publish to iOS or Android. Publish desktop apps for Windows, Mac and Linux. Publish to Steam. Publish to Newgrounds and The choice is yours.

Quickly add 3D

Instantly add elements of 3D to your game. Use Z elevation to move any 2D objects or layers up and down on the Z axis. Add 3D shape objects for a further 3D appearance. Go even further with 3D mesh distortion and even adjust the vanishing point to adapt to your artistic style.

Remote & Instant Preview

At any time you can instantly preview your game. Just click the “Play” icon on the toolbar. There’s no waiting for a lengthy build process. It makes creating your game as fun as playing it!

Want to try your game on your phone? With Remote Preview, simply scan a QR code and start playing. Or instantly share your game with anyone on the Internet with a simple link. Nobody makes it easier.

Free Trial:

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Make HTML5 games with Construct 2

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Construct 3 has been released for awhile, has gotten better and would call it pretty viable for a-rpgs and you can create javascript plugins if you have the urge to program (javascript).

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