Hey! So, EasyRPG Player 0.6.0 is out. Now with 120% battle support!

It is this time again! After 30 months since 0.5.0 we present you: The next major release: 0.6.0 "Preemptive Attack". As the codename tells you already: This release focuses on battles and battles were always really lacking in EasyRPG Player – until now.

There is a huge changelog at

To sum up: EasyRPG Player 0.6.0 is the first serious release handling battles (and savegames) like a boss.

Most visual effort has been focused in 2k battles. The effort after 0.6.0 should improve remaining visual glitches (most visible: missing battleweapon) in 2k3 and some minor missing feature, because almost everything in the 2k3 database battle related stuff has been implemented for 0.6.0 already.

Additionally to the huge changelog, here are some exclusive things to get some hype:

Future versions spoiler for upcoming features:
  • Libretro port (Retroarch and such, provides custom gamepad mappings).
  • Play games from .zip files thanks to a virtual file system (even nested!).
  • Frame-precision event interpreter and timing (major rewrite for balls-on-accurate covering some remaining obscure corner cases).
  • More stuff in the F9 debug window (already nice goodies in 0.6.0).
  • Translatable games support (with external .po files) without modifying them.

More in the future features (0.7.x and later):
  • Better and customizable MIDI instruments playback (custom .sf2 soundfonts) and loopstart support.
  • Advanced font rendering (complex language support) and bring back classic custom bitmapped .fon files (without requiring to install them on Windows\Fonts).
  • Movie support (this is a large library dependency, unfortunately).
  • Customizable gamepad keys (gamepad is supported already but there are no custom mappings, use the Libretro port if you need to customized them in the meanwhile).

And the video published by the Deep 8 game author is also useful to see some Player features vs RPG_RT.exe:

By the way, there are already 2 games in Steam using EasyRPG Player: Desolate City and Deep 8. There are also some other games tagged here and and other game sites with own engine category.

Thanks and have fun!


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??what? why i don´t allowed that blog?

are this real?
Wow, awesome news, hope to see more games made with EasyRPG. It sure is nice to be able to play RPGMaker games from my phone. I can pretty much play it from anywhere.

I also tried some RPGMaker games made from other countries and it worked out pretty well. I was able to play games in english, portuguese, italian, russian and japanese. All of them would normally need some patch or some configuration on my machine, but I played them just fine. Really cool.

Really interested to see how the EasyRPG 1.0.0 will turn out. Thanks for all the hard work!

EasyRPG is a great player to enjoy 2k and 2k3 games on Linux. It runs very smoothly !
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