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This engine appears to have been retired, with no legal links existing any more.

Engine001 is an action RPG maker and game maker engine where you can create your own Action and RPG Games using point-and-click events, characters, items and magic.

It includes an impressive feature list such as real-time lighting effects, parallax foregrounds and backgrounds, AI, dynamic event triggers, built-in ammo, melee and projectile systems, HUD mouse, keyboard and joystick support, camera tools, particle effects and multilayered audio.

The graphical scripter within 001 Game Creator is a simple, yet powerful method of creating events for your game without the difficulty of learning to write code. It uses the simplicity of pointing and clicking to allow the user to easily implement events in the form of a flowchart.

The engine has been retired and a download is no longer legally viable. We still support games made by the engine, however.

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If you even think you should test it... I SAY:NO! end story :(
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