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GG Maker is an easy but powerful tool for building games to share on PC and mobile devices. Boasting the engine's own Graphically Assisted Scripting, GG Maker accommodates beginners and advanced developers alike. Build your dreams effortlessly, share your creations across multiple platforms.

About This Software
Boasting powerful tools for beginners and advanced users alike, GG Maker is the new, cutting-edge engine for developing and sharing your own games. Even if you have never had prior experience with code and scripting, this engine will accommodate you and help your skills grow. Whatever vision you have for your game, GG Maker is there to do the hard work for you.

With GG Maker's well thought-out features, making your own game has never been so accessible until now. Utilize exceptional tools to bring out your creativity:

  • Sophisticated map editor for areas with elevation and drama, making use of dynamic lights, fog, color tints and weather.
  • Flexible artificial intelligence which gives your characters depth and interactivity.
  • Unique characters with sprite customization, allowing you to change visible clothing and equipment in-game.
  • Innovative HUD and menu editor tools for custom interfaces and heads-up displays, loading screens, menus, dialogue boxes, health, equipment, or anything your game demands.

Share Your Games With Anyone, Anywhere
As GG Maker allows your creations to be ported to mobile devices such as iOS and Android, it couldn't be easier to show off your games on the go. Installation setup files for your projects are built within the engine, meaning sharing games is fuss-free and fast. You can even distribute your game for sale!

Graphically Assisted Scripting
Creating your own game can be done to your exact specification by using GG Maker's ingenious graphical scripting. While much more advanced users are given the option to use raw code, beginners are offered the comfort of intuitive UIs which help to build the game around variables and branches using a hands-on interface. The engine also offers built-in scripts such as doors, chests, keys and locks, and templates for characters and enemies for an even more relaxed game design experience.

Make Your Vision A Reality
Designing and creating your own game has never been so easy with GG Maker's innovative tools. Make any game you can think of, including RPGs, shoot-‘em-ups, racing games, fighting games, simulation games, platformers, tower defense, card games, and even 3D games! If you can imagine it, you can build it with GG Maker.

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Is this an enhanced version of 001 Engine with all the pro features enabled?
The engine will once again known as "001"

I'm not sure which one sounds more generic.
The engine will once again known as "001"
I'm not sure which one sounds more generic.

Yeah, and 001DEMO is now just limited time demo... 7 days :( ... nyyyh.
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