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IG Maker is a new game development solution created by collaborating companies Enterbrain and SmileBoom, Ltd. Straying away from its past products, Enterbrain designed IG Maker with the intent to be extended with plug-ins provided by either enthusiasts or Enterbrain themselves, the former being largely considered to lack cross-compatibility. Strangely enough, IG Maker forgoes the RGSS scripting system that has become standardized in RMXP or VX in favor of a point and click driven GUI. Other stark contrasts from previous Enterbrain products include a complex tab interface that consists of flowcharts interconnecting individual elements or "canvases" of a project as well as support for multiple platforms such as Xbox360, flash, or standard windows executable. At the current time, this program is capable of creating three distinct genres: Platform, shoot-em-up, and action adventure.

IG Maker was known as "Action Game Maker" on its initial release in Japan. It was renamed IG Maker for it's US debut and released on 07/03/2009.

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is it with script ??

The thing with the rpgmaker engines are the fact of them not needing script from the user. But there are things you can do with the game to make it more unique by editing the script. but you don't have to
This engine is kinda hard but its fun to use!

I make This game some time Ago This is NOT Script is like Rpg maker
IGM/AGM had strong support but support quickly faded, the issue with IG Maker was the fact there was no scripting, and you couldn't do much with it which sucked especially for $60 when it launched.

Even without scripting there was a plugin system that could have brought in some method of coding, but plugins never came and the hype train derailed fast.

AGM tried to compete against game maker and sadly failed miserably.
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