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ika was created in 2001 by andy (then named the_Speed_Bump). It originally began as an offshoot of VERGE 2, and slowly morphed into ika, with its scripting changed to Python. Over the years, ika has continued to develop and is now significantly different from VERGE. Now that andy is too busy to maintain ika, most of the work is done by WIP, with other contributors being Swordsman, SDHawk, Thrasher, and Overkill.

- uses Python for easy and flexible scripting
- has a map system with pixel movement, any number of layers with variable display, parallax, scrolling, and objects on each layer, and is completely optional
- graphical map editor with brush support, zoom, and event editing
- input: uses SDL, allows keyboard, mouse, and joystick/gamepad input
- graphics: uses OpenGL for full control over drawing with several transformation functions and fast image manipulation
- images: uses the Corona library, can load BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PCX, and TGA formats; can save TGA and PNG formats
- sound: uses the Audiere library, can load WAV, MOD, S3M, XM, IT, MP3, and OGG formats
- relatively small filesize, distribution only requires a few mb of DLLs

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This is the latest binary for windows, someone should add a download to ika.
Is that the permanent link for the download? or is there a download page?
This is a permament link. The sourceforge page for ika is dead ( at least the forums... maybe there is still a download on sf for ika, but this link i posted is reliable as well)

Edit: Actually i found the project on sourceforge.


the older versions are here too ^^
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