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Welcome to the homepage of the O.H.R.RPG.C.E., which stands for Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine. The OHRRPGCE is a free open-source utility that you can use to create your own RPG game in a style similar to the classic Final Fantasy games on the NES, SNES and GBA which have so shaped the RPG genre.

  • The game-editor half of the OHRRPGCE is often referred to as CUSTOM.EXE
  • The game-player half of the OHRRPGCE is often referred to as GAME.EXE

It was started by James Paige, but also Brian Fisher is guilty of aiding and abetting. Ever since the source code was released under the GPL license the OHRRPGCE has been maintained by a team of developers, including TeeEmCee, Mike, Simon, Yuriy, NeoTA, Inferior Minion, Fenrir Lunaris, with input from the general community.

The system requirements for the OHRRPGCE are very low. It is neither hungry for memory nor hungry for processor cycles, nor demanding on your graphics card. It should run fine on even old crusty computers. It is a 32-bit x86 application, and the minimum requirement is approximately a 500MHz Pentium 3 (possibly even less if you have DirectX 9.0 installed).

The OHRRPGCE is most extensively tested on Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux.

Engine Details


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Oh, and there are a few sites dedicated to the OHR's use as well.

There's two I know of right now:


Also, some IRC chats for both, for use with Esper.net:

#Slimesalad and #Castleparadox
Awesome, the page is up!

Yeah, I registered for here as well. XD
I wish this system would support the game "fat frog."
I read all of that, and my thoughts are "Ok, but what exactly makes it different from the standard RPGMAker engine?"

I feel like I read a description for an MMORPG on steam where one of the features listed is that the game isn't turn based.
I have a question. Do you need to know programming or coding? I'd like to check out this programming but I'm curious about that.. I'm new to everything so I would like things to be simple my fist time at game making. (^.^);
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