Find and list all RPG Maker games in a folder

  • hedge1
  • 10/25/2020 09:38 PM
RPG Maker Games List

Update Oct 24, 2020:
  • Can now filter by application (rm2k, rm2k3, XP, VX, Ace).
  • Will now find games in ZIP files.

Update Jan 25, 2020:
  • Now saves your list automatically after searching so that you won't need to re-search on each use. This greatly speeds up load times for the application.
  • Can star games as favorites to make it easy to find and play directly from the application.

Original Description:
This project was inspired by the recent activity in the Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic. Many of us have a lot of RPG Maker games. And it's not always easy to find or identify the ones we want, especially older ones with obscure titles or poorly abbreviated folder names.

This utility will search any folder and its sub-folders for the existence of games from RPG Maker 2000 to RPG Maker VX Ace. It will also attempt the find the game's actual title, the application used to make the game, a title image, the number of maps, and some last modified dates to help with identifying the latest version of a particular game.

(Forgive my absurd file structure. Many of these games were from multiple computers ago, and the folders have built up a bit like sediment layers in the Earth.)

In addition to finding all the games, the utility provides a generous supply of other helpful features, such as...


Using the Actions menu, you can open the game folder directly to easily view the contents, or run the executable and play the game itself. For rm2k(3) titles, you can also use Play Test mode to walk through walls and speed up text boxes!


Filter the games list to help you find that long lost title, or even just look for all of the Action Battle System demos that used to exist.


De-clutter your life by marking games as your favorites and use a "favorite only" filter to easily find them later. Or do what I do and only mark the games you're playing now.


Export the games list as a csv and view or edit in your favorite program.


The program provides three formats to easily share your list of games with others.
1.) Export as CSV (shown above).
2.) Text list of all game titles and containing folders for easy copy/paste into forums.
3.) Fixed width text list with all the details in an easy to read format (shown below).

Share using the buttons on the bottom of the games list.


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