Windowed Mode, Change icon, Splash image, prevent Function-keys

Video: Youtube

Tested on operating systems:
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10

If there is a virus alert or any problem, please don't run the program, take a screenshot of the error, delete the program and let me know here.

You should put this program inside your game folder, and instead of starting RPG_RT.exe, you should start Game.exe.
You can change the program name to the title of your game.

Through this program the game will run in windowed mode with a resolution of 640x480 and you cannot switch to full screen with F4 or 320x240 with the F5 key.

As funções são habilitadas editando o arquivo RPG_RT.ini.

Enable Function-Keys​

Enable F4 Key (Toggle fullscreen/windowed):

Enable F5 Key (Window size 1x/2x):

Enable F12 Key (Restart Game/Goto TitleScreen):

Fullscreen Mode
To enable full screen, if you want the player to never switch to windowed mode, just include this in the RPG_RT.ini:

Dynamic Change Icon
The Game.exe will dynamically replace the icon in the window and taskbar without affecting RPG_RT.exe. If you prefer to place a custom icon, just copy your own icon into the game folder and rename it to RPG_RT.ico.

If you prefer the game to have the default icon:

Splash Image
To make a splash image appear before starting the game place a PNG format image in the folder and rename it Splash.png. The image doesn't need to be transparent, just include the #000 color in all the points that the executable itself will make transparent.


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