It actually happened!

It actually happened! :D

Degica has now, by order of KADOKAWA GAMES/Enterbrain and in cooperation with me, finally released an official English version of RPG Maker 2003 on Steam.

At this point I would like to give a big thanks to Archeia who put a lot of sweat and blood into this translation as well.

Link on Steam:
Price: $19.99, currently $16.99

It should also be available on rpgmakerweb directly.

This finally officially allows creating commercial games with RPG Maker 2003 (after a registration). Fortunately, the license also doesn't have any clause preventing modifications, e.g. through the use of patches. However, the reverse engineering itself is still prohibited.

There is also an official English RTP. Although it has the same content as the existing inofficial one, it has different filenames; but no worries, you can have both RTPs installed alongside each other.

This version is 1.10, which has been a bit tweaked and tuned by us:
* The fullscreen work properly, also on newer devices.
* The event editor was changed a lot:
** Its look and labels have been aligned with RMVXA - with colors and partly more information in the list than previously.
** It has a horizontal scrollbar, can copy events as text and loads large events faster.
** It's possible to copy event all commands between battle events and map/common events (although it will show a warning, because they still can't be modified while being in the "wrong" place).
* The help file now also works on Windows Vista/7/8.
* Maps can't get lost that easily anymore when a PC Cleaner is used.
* Multiple instances can be opened at the same time, and you can create direct shortcuts to projects in Windows Explorer.
* Battles go faster.
* You have 1000 pictures, 100 labels and 9999 switches/variables/etc.
* Picture commands also work while a message is displayed.
* The fonts are now directly integrated into the engine and don't need to be installed by the player.

A full changelog is available here:

Unfortunately the source code was lost over time. Therefore, it was a bit difficult to implement the real "killer features". Also, I originally planned to include all the bugfixes from DynRPG as well, and I wanted to integrate the CommonThisEventPatch, but there was not enough time. There will be updates, though.

Best wishes,

PS: Screenshot of the event editor: