Make the Engine calculate fitting Actor/Player/Vehicle/Event CharSet graphic size based on source file measurements instead of locked 24×32, 72×128 and 288×256.


This IPS patch for RPG_RT.exe (RPG Maker 2003 1.12, compatible with Maniac Patch ver 200128, but not needed) replaces the hardcoded measurements of CharSets (24×32 out of 288×256) with a flexible calculation based on width (/12) and height (/8) of the source file you have chosen to use on an Actor, Event, Vehicle or the Player object.

IPS patches are an old type of patch files applied to other files by using tools like LunarIPS, ipsXP, etc., ask a search engine and pick your favorite if you are new to this.

You'll need to make some compromise when using this since there are a few problems that will occur with graphics that are not default size (24×32).

  • Tiles that are configured as "above" ("☆") will act odd when rendered on a position where a big CharSet object sits around. This is similar to display priority problems you can run into with newer RPG Makers aswell.
  • Another thing is that non-default-sized graphics will glitch if their object is placed on a tile with a terrain using transparency display setting, defaults (24×32) still work normal here.
  • Also, please, never ever use odd numbers for your character graphics width and height (like 13, 27 or 49). I will not support anything like this. Stay to even numbers (I'd recommend to always use multiples of 8).
  • The patch is in as-is-state, I don't have plans for any of the things listed above to be changed or fixed.

Don't worry if you see oddly looking graphics in the database and map editor on your events etc. when using CharSets in other sizes, since the RPG Maker doesn't magically get to know you've patched your game to handle them correctly (though that would be funny). Just an editor thing, not a bug.

Some basic example:
Let's say... you have a graphic file that is 384×384.
Character blocks become 96×192 each (96×4=384, 192×2=384)
Single step graphics are 32×48 each (32×3=96, 48×4=192)

Or the other way round:
You want step graphics size to be 40×56.
Stack them up {3 by 4} for a character block (40×3=120, 56×4=224)
Every CharSet still has {4 by 2} blocks in it (120×4=480, 224×2=448)
So your file should be 480×448.

Use at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage or problems caused when downloading this file, applying the patch, using its features or publishing creations (e.g. games) that include it or anything related.

This patch and its results are similar to, but not related in any way with CharExpand by Cherry.



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