Small screenshake hack I used in my rpgmaker2003 games

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I originally submitted this answer for a thread back in 2018 and was trying to look for it the other day and had trouble finding it. So I decided to submit my answer as a Tutorial to RMN, so it'll be easier to find in the future. This is a very simple tutorial that outlines a very simple way of creating a more effective shakescreen animation in rpgmaker2003 --- However, I haven't explored the extent of this method, so this is probably just one of the many that exist.

Special thanks for Boulon for asking this really cool question back in 2018. Be sure to check out their game, Fighting Robots Quest

I've encountered a strange issue for the first time in the battle animation editor today.

When I set a screen shake on several frame during the animation most of them are ignored when I test it in game, only one is displayed actually (the last one).

Do you have any idea why it happens and how to go around this?


Hi Boulon ❤

I know exactly what you're talking about. I have a few solutions to this.
Give me a moment and I'll edit this post with the answer and a couple of examples:

EDIT:The way ShakeScreen works in rpgmaker2003 battle animations:
either the target, or the screen will shake once, for 20-25 frames
(it just shakes once, it's very limiting, you don't have a whole lot of control over this unfortunately):

Now, if you try to play ShakeScreen more than once during those initial 20-25 frames,
the process will be interrupted and start all over again;
in rpgmaker2003, it will look as only one ShakeScreen command played, like you described in your post:

Now, a really neat workaround/glitch is to shake the screen and the target through alternating frames:

it's incredibly tedious, but it looks really cool once you're able to pull it off in rpgmaker2003: (you will have to plan it out, but once you know how many frames you want this effect to last for, you can create this effect very quickly)
(watch in 720@60fps, it's very subtle so it was very difficult to capture it correctly - I haven't experimented with this a whole lot but I'm assuming if you space out the frames you'll get a more intense or less shake etc)

EDIT2: I just tried this with alternating frames 1,3,5,7,9, etc:
This is what it look like for 40 frames (a bit more powerful):

That's one method.

Now if you want more control over ShakeScreen The second method, is as Link_2112 described, by simply creating a Battle Event, that would invoke the ShakeScreen command, followed with a Battle Animation to play (minus wait command), followed by a 0.0 wait command and a Stop ShakeScreen command

This is another workaround/glitch in rpgmaker2003, that will allow you to shake the screen for the duration of the animation. You'll have more control over the strength of the shakescreen command, but the problem with using this method is that it's ultimately reliant on being called upon by a battle condition in rpgmaker2003, so you'll have to figure how/when you want it to happen in battle - So this is more ideal for in-battle-cutscenes however.

Let us know if this helped. ❤


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