Fixing the error "File creation has temporarily failed. Battle test cannot be initiated"

Works with RPG Maker 2000 and 2003

I rarely use the Rm2k or Rm2k3 battle system, but for these weeks I noticed that some users have problems being able to make the necessary tests with each group of monsters in the conditions that the player will probably face without having to create an event for that in the game.

File creation has temporarily failed. Battle test cannot be initiated

It took me a while to do it because in some situations the error happened, and then it simply didn't.

After several tests I managed to understand what happens at the time of the error to prevent it from happening, as RPG Maker 2000 works with a temporary folder, RPG Maker 2003 is in another place, somewhat different.

The program works in a very simple way, you can leave it in any folder or even on the desktop, confirm the first configuration for notifications in balloons in the notification bar:

Other balloons with hints may appear.

During the battle the icon on the taskbar will be animated just to understand that it is working:

There are 4 menus in the icon:
  1. The first disables notification bubbles
  2. The second pauses the application

  3. The third one I didn't have time to prepare
  4. The fourth closes the application

Inside the folder there are six versions, what changes is the compilation method of each one due to the different reactions of the different antiviruses.
I would be grateful if whoever uses it would let me know which ones didn't go into quarantine.

At first my idea was to do with a system that didn't return so many false positives but I didn't have much time to learn another development system that works in a similar way, so I apologize.


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