The old Animated_Monsters_Check_File plugin

Dragonheartman made the original file, but this one auto-reads file names for animation, and if it doesn't have it, it will skip over and make a still. Thanks to Cherry for helping me with the code. Since animated monsters seems to be gone from RMN, I'm submitting it myself. If people come up with new ideas or whatever, sure I'll update. but I'll do it by link and keep the original the same.

Basically, in your monster folder, you can EITHER have just the png for the still of the monster. Or you make a folder with the name identical (spaces and all) to the name of the monster. On startup, the battle events search for a file by that name and load the animation.

Please note, there is no monster move animation in this, it is just the first 6 or so animations. But, in some ways this is a good thing. Not only is it a simpler program, but in FADE, there seemed to be a glitch when used with other plugins that some monsters would move themselves off the page. If anyone REALLY wants that version, I think he has a proper copy of the original. But yea, jumping off screen.

For attack and spell animations, you will have to use skills, and wipe out the sprite for a second while the skill runs, then insert it back in. It's clunky, but it saves some of the issues of trying to search for files while they cycle in a loop.


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  • 04/21/2024 01:26 PM