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Are you ready to become a game developer?

Create the RPG you always dreamed of with RPG Maker Fes!

RPG Maker Fes is a game creation software that lets you create your own RPGs, at anytime and anywhere, on the Nintendo 3DS™ system without any programming knowledge.

Moreover, all your completed RPGs can be uploaded and then downloaded to be played by other Nintendo 3DS™ users for free!

In order to download and play other users' creations, please visit the Nintendo eShop and download the free software RPG Maker Player.

Engine Details


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It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

I don't understand why this engine is on here?
Can't this only be used on a 3DS, meaning you couldn't download a game here?

I mean, if your going to do that, shouldn't RPG Maker for the PS be on here?

(I guess you could play games made on it using an emulator. Then download the save file.)
I think it's because FES games can be uploaded to the online FES catalog (or something)

which means that while an user won't be able to download it from RMN, they'll be able to see that it exists, search it within the FES library and download

edit: yeah, that's exactly what the only FES game in the site, Beasts of Hamelin, does.
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