It is so IN to use MV right now!

RPG Maker MV is the latest release in the RPG Maker series. Like its predecessors, the engine is a tile-based point and click engine tailored towards creating traditional RPGs, though this time it allows for multi-platform distribution and uses javascript plugins instead of Ruby scripting.

RPG Maker MV runs in its own 816x642 resolution, however screens can be resized through dragging corners and there are plugin options that allow quick and easy changes to resolution.

RPG Maker MV has a similar interface to RPG Maker VX Ace with a few more built-in features. You may now choose either a front-view or side-view battle system, allowing for either a system with static front-facing monsters and invisible player characters or animated side-view characters and enemies.

With javascript plugins and no hidden cases, there is a lot of customisation in all areas of the engine allowed, including - but not limited to - battle systems, menu systems, resolution changes, grid sizes, tile sizes, and other visual and system examples. It is also quite a bit faster and less laggy than the previous engines.

Having javascript at the core also means that your games can be shared on more platforms. The engine comes with an inbuilt deployment system for Android/IOS, Mac OS X and Windows, but also allows for HTML5 browser use.

RPG Maker MV supports graphical assets in PNG form with alpha channel support, audio files in OGG, MP3, ACC and MIDI format with the capability of setting loop start points for OGGs, and playback of videos in OG, MP4 and WebM formats.

RPG Maker MV has departed from the series staple of having an RTP, instead including the default resources in the new project when created. This allows for ease of sharing projects without the worry of file dependency errors. As such, the EULA has changed in regards to resources, no longer allowing them to be downloaded for the sake of playing games made with them.

The program's EULA allows games to be sold commercially.

RPG Maker MV has a combined Japanese and English release date of the 23rd of October, 2015.