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Delsin7's Visual Addon for Yanfly's Absorption Barrier Plugin
  • Adds the ability to change gauge height and position, custom animations, color bar, and color text set to Actor, Class, Enemy, Equipment, and States and more!
29.7 KB
12/19/2021 06:57 AM
KoTC Optimized Pathfinding System MV / MZ
  • Highly optimized pathing through complicated terrain for events and player.
11/02/2021 12:05 AM
KoTC Optimized Advanced Auto Scaling Minimap RPG Maker MV/MZ
  • Highly Optimized Minimap with Much Customization
10/28/2021 05:53 AM
Delsin7s Screensaver Window
  • Allows the creation of windows with scrolling animated sprites and background colors
18.3 KB
03/08/2021 07:51 AM
Characters List
  • Create a list of characters window menu
17.5 KB
08/06/2020 01:17 AM
CGT Nametag Background
  • Customize the background of your Yanfly nametags
07/27/2020 01:00 AM
Nametag-Based Font Changer
  • Change message boxes' fonts based on their nametags
07/18/2020 05:41 AM
Trade Shop
  • A new shop system for trade.
37.9 KB
07/11/2020 09:23 AM
Duel Battles
  • a suikoden-like Duel system
33.3 KB
07/11/2020 08:54 AM
  • Improve weapons using a blacksmith
22.3 KB
07/11/2020 07:22 AM
Tic-Tac-Toe! Minigame
  • Adds a Tic-Tac-Toe minigame to your game
8.7 KB
06/16/2020 12:04 PM
Earthbound Style Battle Backgrounds
  • Replaces the battle backs with animated Earthbound ones
564.6 KB
04/17/2020 04:32 AM
RPG Maker MV plugin Generator
  • This extension for visual studio code allows you to generate new RPG Maker MV plugin files with just a simple command
11/10/2019 02:30 PM
RPG Maker MV Snippet for plugin developement
  • Easier coding with snippet for Visual Studio code
11/05/2019 09:36 AM
RPG Maker MV Package Manager
  • A package management system tool for RPG Maker MV
202.2 KB
04/25/2019 12:31 PM
More keys to Conditions of Event
  • There are three types of events for conditions with keyboard buttons:
11.5 KB
04/12/2019 07:22 PM
Enemy Barrier
  • With added flexibility!
16.4 KB
02/12/2019 10:05 AM
  • Puts some minimum and maximum step parameters around random encounters
12/21/2018 04:33 AM
RPG Maker MV Cook Tool
  • Protects the game's source code using nwjc.
421.8 KB
09/26/2018 12:32 PM
  • Displays 'timeline' entries as the player progresses.
12.1 KB
11/11/2017 09:21 PM
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