Plugin: Stop all movement of the player or other characters

Stop player or NPC movement by plugin command or by a switch of your choice.

This functions similar to Yanfly's StopAllMovement script for VX Ace, but I developed it independently and with a different approach. It works by tricking the system into thinking all tiles are impassible, hence the name. Stopped characters will still be allowed to turn, however.

In parameters set switches of your choice to:
Freeze the player while it is ON,
Freeze all other characters while it is ON,
or set to 0 to disable the function.

Use plugin commands to:
Freeze or release the player,
Freeze or release all other characters on the map, or
Freeze or release any number of event commands of your choice.

See the help file for details.

When using this plugin please attribute me, pareidolon, and observe CC BY-SA 4.0


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  • 08/20/2022 06:04 AM