Tired of having to manually correct everything when all you want is some space? Well, look no further.

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  • 01/14/2016 09:22 PM
Most recent version can be found at this site. In-depth explanation and screenshots in this forum post.
Commissioned by the wonderful Liak over on RPG Maker Web and okayed for public use.

What it does:
This utility can increase or decrease all common events by a set number, starting from a certain event, essentially "creating a space" or "shifting" all common events after it down (or up, but usually this utility is used to shift things down). Not only that, but when things are shifted around all skills, troop events, map events, events, items, everything that references the ID will automatically update to the new ID, so you don't have to go through all your 100+ events and manually change the common event IDs.

- Automatically corrects all references to common events on both maps and in the database!
- Inserts a space for you, so you don't have to :3
- Also works in reverse, can remove an empty common event and move everything up.
- Detailed instructions are fool-resistant

- Install Python 3
- Put the .py file in your project's data folder
- Double click to run and then follow the program's instructions.
- Once it says "Operation complete", reopen your project and press CTRL + S to make sure that RPG Maker MV doesn't reject the edits.


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