Focus the camera on any combination of events, followers, points and the player!

This camera plugin decouples the camera from always being relative to the player, allowing it to focus on any combination of the player, events, followers and static points. It can be further constrained to a subsection of the map, panned, and backups of camera settings can be stored and restored.

By default, the camera will adopt a position that is the average location of all events that are close enough to the player. If the player is too far from an event, it will be ignored until it is closer. This behaviour can be disactivated so that it doesn't care about the player's position, through this may end up with the player offscreen. Good if that's what you want!

Full list of plugin commands in the script.

There's a comprehensive demo! It includes a couple of scripts that display what commands are being used and the current state of the camera. I think they're useful but they introduce frame drops that are not part of the actual plugin, so you can press CANCEL to open a menu to turn them off.

Download the plugin .js file below
Play the demo in a web browser HERE
Download the demo project file HERE

Let me know if you like it, or can suggest any improvements.


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  • 06/17/2022 06:16 AM