Highly optimized pathing through complicated terrain for events and player.

  • castiger
  • 11/02/2021 12:05 AM

An adaptation of the AStar pathfinding library for maximal optimized usage within Rpg Maker MV and Rpg Maker MZ, also used in my game Knight of the Celestial.

I released this because after looking at all the other pathfinding scripts, I felt the community needed one that keeps the FPS high, and one that can find paths immediately and exactly to wherever one pleases, including random locations on the map, or near a target coordinates or target event.

Unlike other pathfinding scripts, while anything is pathfinding, including the player, it will ignore collisions with other events if they're in the way,, passing through them without using Through, and without triggering unwanted touch events.

-Works on player as well, if anything ever throws it off course, it auto adjusts.
-Highly optimized pathfinding with minimal to no impact on cpu usage.
-Events stop pathing when in a menu, and continue when menu is closed.
-No range limit, can path across a huge complicated map with no impact on performance.
-Path to random walkable location on map.-
-Path to random location in a chosen radius of the x y location chosen on map.
-Path to target event or player.
-Path to random location in a chosen radius of the target event or player.


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