Allows you to learn skills from your equipment.

Equipment Skill System
Version 1.0
by Fomar0153‚Äč

Allows you to learn skills from your equipment.
Please note this plugin requires an AP system.
Click here for my AP System.

With this plugin you can pernamently learn skills from your equipment.


How to Use
Place the plugin in your project's js/plugins/ folder.
Inside RPG Maker MZ's editor, open the Plugin Manager.
Create a new entry and select this plugin from the list.
Please note that in order to work this plugin must be placed below the AP System in the plugin list.
Customise the options to your liking and then click ok.
Skills that you wish to be learnable from equipment must be notetagged with: <ap: n> where n is the AP to learn.
To add the skills to the equipment you can either add them via traits which will let the players use the skills prior to being mastered, like Final Fantasy IX.
Or you can add them via notetags: <skills: x;y;z>
Seperate the skill ids with a semicolon, there is only room on the menu to display 3 skills.
If you want a piece of equipment to teach a skill faster than that the normal rate then do: skillid:learnrate e.g. <skills: x:2;y;z>


Q: My skills don't gain the AP displayed in battle.
A: Please double check you have this plugin below the AP System in your plugin manager.


Terms of Use

As long as I am credited, you may use this plugin in your projects both commercial and non-commercial.


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