Allows you to use tilesets of different sizes in RPG Maker MZ.

Tile Size
Version 1.0
by Fomar0153‚Äč

Allows you to use tilesets of different sizes in RPG Maker MZ.

Easily use resources from older rpg makers!


Top: 64px tile; Bottom: 32px tiles

How to Use
Place the plugin in your project's js/plugins/ folder.
Inside RPG Maker MZ's editor, open the Plugin Manager.
Create a new entry and select this plugin from the list.
Customise the options to your liking and then click ok.

Ok so how this works is there are two copies of the tileset, one for the editor and one for the game.
They must have the same name, except the editor version has an additional string, (the key string from the plugin manager).
For example:
Ace64Dungeon_A5.png (this is the 64 pixel version the game will use)
!Ace64Dungeon_A5.png (this is the 48 pixel version the editor will use, note it has ! - the default key string)

You are welcome to use my resource converters to faciliate using this plugin:

Q: My map looks like garbage.
A: Please double check you have your tilesize set to the correct width/height.


Terms of Use
As long as I am credited, you may use this plugin in your projects both commercial and non-commercial.


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