Allows you to setup battle commands for your characters.

Actor Battle Commands
Version 1.0
by Fomar0153‚Äč

Allows you to setup battle commands for your characters.

You can use the original four commands (attack, guard, skilltypes & items).
You can set individual skills to be used as a command.
Be on the lookout for future plugins that expand on this system with new custom commands.


How to Use
Place the plugin in your project's js/plugins/ folder.
Inside RPG Maker MZ's editor, open the Plugin Manager.
Create a new entry and select this plugin from the list.
Customise the options to your liking and then click ok.

Please use the notebox on the actor tab to set their default commands e.g.
<battlecommands: attack, skilltype 2, guard, item>
<battlecommands: attack, skill 10, guard, item>

This plugin provides the following commands
attack - use the basic attack skill
guard - use the basic guard skill
item - use the basic item command
skilltype n - where n is the database id of the skilltype (check your Types tab in the database)
skill n - where n is the database id of the skill you wish to use

Q: My skill n battle command isn't selectable.
A: The skill still needs to be usable by the character in question e.g. MP costs, etc.


Terms of Use
As long as I am credited, you may use this plugin in your projects both commercial and non-commercial.

Closing Note
I'm planning on making a few plugins to implement some popular battle commands e.g. Steal, Throw, Mix/Combine, things that can't be easily achieved by a basic skill. If you have any reasonable suggestions I am for the time being open to them.


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