Implements a throw command, allowing you to throw weapons.

Throw Command
Version 1.0
by Fomar0153‚Äč

Implements a throw command, allowing you to throw weapons.
Requires Actor Battle Commands.

Throw weapons at your enemies.
Customise the damage.
Notetag weapons as not throwable.
Notetag weapons to deal bonus throwing damage.


How to Use
Place the plugin in your project's js/plugins/ folder.
Inside RPG Maker MZ's editor, open the Plugin Manager.
Create a new entry and select this plugin from the list, make sure it is below Actor Battle Commands.
Customise the options to your liking and then click ok.

To give someone the throw command in their battle commands notetag use, "throw" like this:
<battlecommands: attack, skilltype 2, throw, item>

You will need to make a skill for this plugin to use. Scope, accuracy, animation etc are all determined by your skill.
Here's the skill I used when making this:

For the damage formula I used:

Once you've set that up you should be good to go!

You can use the following notetags on weapons:
<nothrow> - the weapon will not appear in the throw menu.
<throwmult:n> - if you are using the damage formula layout I proposed then you can use this to make the weapon do n x damage when thrown.

Q: Nothing seems to happen when I use your plugin.
A: Make sure the plugin has its original name and that you haven't accidentally renamed it.

Q: I get an error.
A: Make sure this plugin is below Actor Battle Commands in the plugin manager.


Terms of Use
As long as I am credited, you may use this plugin in your projects both commercial and non-commercial.


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