Display expected turn order in Time Progress Battle

This plugin adds a window to the battle scene, which shows the expected order of battle turns.

The size, layout, transparency and colors are all configurable to fit your game.
(Not all configurations are sensible, this image just illustrates some options)

The TPB gauge overlay on the battlers in the turn order window can be switched
off, in case you don't want it.

Please refer to the plugin manager inline help for configuration options

The default image used for each battler is the face set for actors and the static battler graphic for enemies, as seen above.
However you can specify a different image using note tags, from faces, pictures, icons or static battlers.

If you use animated enemy battlers, I recommend creating facesets for your

<tpb_predictor_face:file> - Use this faceset graphic from img/faces
<tpb_predictor_face_index:n> - Use this face (0-7) from the faceset
<tpb_predictor_battler:file> - Use this static battler graphic from
img/enemies or img/sv_enemies
<tpb_predictor_icon:n> - Use this icon from the icon set.
<tpb_predictor_picture:file> - Use this graphic from img/pictures

These tags are used with battler and picture settings to pick a specific
part of the image to use. Otherwise the top part of the image is used while
preserving aspect ratio.
<tpb_predictor_center:x,y> - Use a rectangle centered on this point in
a larger image
<tpb_predictor_rect:x,y,w,h> - Use a rectangle with the top left at x,y
and width, height as specified.

Compatibility Notes:
If you have other plugins modifying the visual layout of the battle screen,
you should probably use custom placement of the window exactly where you
want it.

If you are using a battle system that radically changes the flow of turns in
battle, the turn order prediction will likely not work without making a
compatibility plugin.
The function Game_Battler.prototype.tpbTicksUntilCharged could be overridden
to return a number based on the other battle system. Lower numbers are
expected to have their turn earlier.

Terms of Use
You can use this in commercial and non commercial games, with credit.


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