A plugin to alter the amount of save files available to the player.

Hello! I've been getting a lot of help from the community so I thought I'd put this here to make life marginally easier for most of you, and regular-size easier for some of you.

This plugin allows you to alter the amount of save files available to the player. You can set it to one, or to 50, or to... well, whatever you want. I haven't tried 0 yet, and I set it to 100 (so i get 99+the autosave) myself. The default, it will tell you, is 20.

You alter the amount of save files you want the player to have in the plugin controls.

The help file is in english and there should be a google-translated japanese help file as well - its veracity cannot be verified, i'm just hoping for the best in that case.

Also the new Ghostbusters movie, Afterlife, is really good. Just checking to see if you're still reading. Feel free to ping me with a ghostbusters reference if you see me in the discord.

Special thanks to Coelocanth for the assist, and the people of the RPG Maker Dot Net Discord Server.

hope this can help some of you out :)


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