Kickstart your game dev journey into RPG Maker MZ!

Welcome to the VisuStella MZ Sample Game Project!

The VisuStella MZ Sample Game Project is a starter project created by the artists and programmers of Team VisuStella to let you kickstart your game dev journey into RPG Maker MZ!

Beautiful custom tilesets from Archeia and other members of Team VisuStella
* Custom Outside tileset variant
* Custom Inside tileset variant
* Custom Dungeon tileset variant
* Beautifully made sample maps by Liberty and Deckiller!
* 1:1 custom replacements of the MV tileset!
* Go ahead and copy over your MV tilesets over into VisuStella style!

Adorable custom icons from CazWolf's Pixel Fantasy collection!
* Over 300 custom icons!
* 1:1 replacements of the default iconset
* You can go ahead and replace them without changing up your game!

Empowering plugins from Yanfly and many other proficient plugin developers!
* Core Engine, Battle Core, Main Menu Core, Message Core, Events & Movement Core, Items & Equips Core, Skills & States Core, Elements & Status Menu Core, Save Core, Options Core
* 10 heavily packed plugins for maximum ease of access!
* Many of the needed essentials to start up a project!

And special thanks to many, many, many, many, many others!
* You'll find them inside the sample game project!


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